When US aired TDA before Canada did, many users were all like "NO DON'T TALK ABOUT IT!", but we did not create a rule against talking about it on here. Nor did we NOT update the pages. Why is it any different now that France is the one airing it first? Even when Australia aired TDWT before both US and Canada, we still updated the pages. I find this all very selfish of many users.

Most of the users that said they did not want to be spoiled are all taking a Haitus anyways. So why is it that we can't talk about it, we can't update the pages, and we can't post spoilers even though the people that made that very same rule are not even going to be around for any of it?

From what I remember, this is the Total Drama Wiki and we have always updated pages. Always. No matter who aired it first. I'm not french, but I feel offended by this. I talked about it with some users on the IRC, and I was both insulted, and ignored.

The only responses I got were "#tdwiki-spoilers", "We keep the episodes locked because we can't just have users vandalize the crap out of it.", and "Sam. No offense, but I dont think you are in any position to criticize the way we are running things after being back from a break one day."

So no matter what I say on this matter, the users on this Wiki will NOT be allowed to update anything that has to do with Total Drama: Revenge of the Island until Canada gets to watch it. Not US, not Australia. Canada. Where does that sound right?

--Samtastic450 22:11, December 21, 2011 (UTC)

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