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Total Drama Island

Total Drama started it's series with the hit tv show, Total Drama Island. It Saved Cartoon Network from losing many viewers and really got many fans. The relationships and conflicts started and were very dramatic. Having only one sour episode, all episodes were really good. I did find Chris McLean to have little energy this season but all was very original! And at times I found it to be very childish, but the drama and comedy made up for it. It was possibly the best thing on TV for the most part.


All confirmed relationships have many fans. And the start of those relationships were very good. None of them had any real bad reviews

  • The Lindsay-Tyler Relationship: It's start was really cheesy and funny. Tyler always tried to be better than everyone else just to get Lindsay's attention, which i found to be cute. He always failed at trying to be tough though. Lindsay loved him anyways. They look good together and i felt it was a really good combination. Lindsay, of course, starts forgeting who he is, but not once does she forget that he is hers. Strong.
  • The Gwen-Trent Relationship: In season one, it was possibly the best relationship. They are just so perfect together. He cared about her soo much and she loved him. Even through all the bad things, they always got over it and worked things out. It seemed like nothing could tear them apart. With his elimination, i was a bit happy since his character was running out of "moments", but i really felt bad for Gwen. they had this connection with their viewers and were at the top. Very Strong.
  • The Bridgette-Geoff Relationship: He always screwed up when he tried to flirt with her, which i found to be very very cute. Season one helped them expand as characters. I always got upset when an episode went by and they still weren't together. I was always like "COME ONE DUDE ASK HER OUT ALREADY!!!" and it sucked when the chance they had to finally have that "spark", she smelled really bad and was on her way to the boat of losers. Strong.
  • The Courtney-Duncan Relationship: This relationship was at the very top, its hard to say which was more popular, this relationship or the Gwen-Trent one. He annoyed the hell out of her and she made his life just horrible. But they couldnt deny they had something special. When She did try to deny it, she always made it obvious that she did like him. When Duncan got her to crack, i was so happy! and then the kiss. this season i gave it a Very Strong.
  • The LeShawna-Harold Relationship: A very geeky yet funny relationship. Its funny to see someone as big as her with someone as skinny as harold. But all and all it was very cute. In TDDDDI, i wasn't that affected by their "break-up" since we all knew they weren't through. I have to give this one just a Strong.
  • The Izzy-Owen Relationship: Surprisingly the funniest relationship. It proves that even Crazy Psychopaths and Really Big Guys could find love too. Anything is possible. It was the last relationship to have its "spark" and it kept the Love in TDI going for the last few episodes. Super cute hahahaahah Very Strong.

Main Conflicts

  • The Duncan-Harold Conflict: Season 1 was very awesome. Typical Bully-Nerd Conflict. I was a bit upset when Harold never stood up for himself, and when someone did stand up for him, He rigs the votes and kicks her off. The conflict grew alot more in season 2 but this season it gets an Ok.
  • The Gwen-Heather Conflict: The Best Conflict of the season! Their characters just clash and you can feel the tension between them. Their hatred for each other, plus their competitive attitudes made them alot alike. Yet Gwen is the total Anti-Heather. This Conflict kept the season running. Gwen made the season very interesting and Heather put the Drama in Total Drama Island. Very Strong.
  • The Heather-LeShawna Conflict: Another strong conflict revolving around Heather. She is just so Dramatic. Once LeShawna was out of the question, It left Gwen in a Very Sticky situation. Yet even though LeShawna wasn't there, you can still feel the tension with her and Heather. Very Strong
  • The Beth+Lindsay-Heather Conflict: Once again revolving around Heather. Each time they stood up to her, it was very awesome. Especially Lindsays. It's just sad that the reasons they were eliminated were because Heather used them and didnt need them anymore. Beth-Heather get an OK and Lindsay-Heather get a Very Strong.

Total Drama Action


Main Conflicts

Total Drama World Tour


Main Conflicts

Total Drama Reloaded

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