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  • Sam450

    Hello. I am Sam450, and I am active on both the wiki and the Official Total Drama Fan Group on Facebook. Julie Giles, who works for FreshTV, is an admin on the page. She has recently stated that they know about the disappointment of Season 5 among the fans, and asked us to tell her what we feel went wrong so that she may send these opinions straight to Tom McGillis and Jennifer Pertsch so that they can fix the issues. She, however, is going to be really busy during this upcoming week, so she has asked me to tell others that they may express their opinions directly to the source.

    If you have any questions, comments, or concerns on all things Total Drama All-Stars, you may email your words to Please feel free to tell …

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  • Sam450

    Yes, this is one of those character analysis and "prediction" blogs. I really just need to get things off of my chest and get some different opinions on who other people think have a shot at winning.

    As much as I love them all, I'm rooting for Lindsay, Sierra, Courtney, Mike, or Gwen to win this season. 

    Lindsay came so close to actually winning TDA and probably would have if the writers had decided to leave Owen out of the show for once -.-. She has come up with some of the most brilliant plans that have been highly successful and at one point, she carried her team all by herself. She is bubbly and cute and is extremely fun to watch. She has no friendships this season that she can depend on, unlike her first three seasons where she had Bet…

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  • Sam450

    Just Ranting

    December 21, 2011 by Sam450

    When US aired TDA before Canada did, many users were all like "NO DON'T TALK ABOUT IT!", but we did not create a rule against talking about it on here. Nor did we NOT update the pages. Why is it any different now that France is the one airing it first? Even when Australia aired TDWT before both US and Canada, we still updated the pages. I find this all very selfish of many users.

    Most of the users that said they did not want to be spoiled are all taking a Haitus anyways. So why is it that we can't talk about it, we can't update the pages, and we can't post spoilers even though the people that made that very same rule are not even going to be around for any of it?

    From what I remember, this is the Total Drama Wiki and we have always updated p…

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  • Sam450

    Rankings :D

    June 4, 2011 by Sam450

    Simply put, he's dead to me. Total Drama Island, he was sexist and a ganster wanna-be; Total Drama Action, he became "money hungry"; Total Drama World Tour, he just died. His views on things just get me so angry, and when a cartoon character gets me angry, I know that's the line. And to think I was starting to like him again at the beginning of TDWT...

    I did like him. I really did. Total Drama Island, he was simply ok until he eliminated Courtney. I felt that to be very low of him. Total Drama Action, he went way up on my rankings. He was actually one of the two that I rooted for to win along with Lindsay. But Total Drama World Tour destroyed him for me. He just became very annoying. Harold is not meant to travel the world. He does just fin…

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  • Sam450

    So i recently found out that i enjoy making characters for other ppl. i have created both Mines and TDFan1000's TDR character and im currently working on BB's. They wont be released on this wiki until TDR's Fourth Season's characters are released. So i have decided ill help any one out if they need help. I'll also do other requests too. But Total Drama Roleplay requests come first.

    Im gonna need the following:
    Hair Style:___

    Head Shape:___


    Eye Color:____



    Lipstick(females only unless u have justin lips XD):______
    Skin Tone:__
    Clothing Color:____


    Hair Style:Kind of like Izzy's but shorter like courtneys

    Head Shape:Gwen

    Eyes:Courtney's Eyes

    Eye Color:Brown




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