Oprah: Hello, everyone! On today's show, we have two famous people: Owen and Duncan, winners of Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action. And interview them about their time in the program. All this right after the commercials! Do not move!


Oprah: We're back! First, we interview Owen, the winner of Total Drama Island! But first, let's remember him best: Owen was a great guy, literally. He was on the staff of the Screaming Gophers. He made many friends this season, and, well, shall we say, was a guy without much charm. But he could not win the little heart of Izzy. WELCOME, OWEN!

The audience clapped and Owen came in, waving and smiling at all. He sat on the couch of Oprah, which almost broke.

Owen: Hi, everybody!

Oprah: Hi, Owen!

Owen:: Hi, Oprah! How are you?

Oprah: I fine, Owen! And you?

Owen: I fine too!

Oprah: Well, Owen, you were the winner of Total Drama Island. What do you say about that? A simple boy about 16 years make a hundred thousand dollars?

Owen: Well, Oprah, I think I was a strong contender, honest, never betray someone...

Oprah: NEVER, NEVER? That's not what Total Drama Action showed us! What do you say about their sabotage with the other participants? And Harold voting betray him? What do you say, huh?

Owen was starting to sweat. The audience was countersinking it. He was starting to get worried. When suddenly, Harold took the stage.

Harold: Agree! What do you say about it, traitor?


A man 2 meters tall Harold took of the stage,

Oprah: So, Owen! You have not answered: What do you think of those their betrayals?

Owen: I. .. I. .. Chris was paying me!

Soon, more...

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