It was really difficult to choose the winner, but I chose two:

Harold (2) LindsayHQ

Congratulations Harold (Exitrus9000) and Lindsay (Misstditylerfan), you have won the invincibility. But others may not think "Oh no, I'll be eliminated!". Or at least, not everyone may think so.

Bridgette (NinjaIzzy), Trent (Lindsayandtrent) LeShawna (Cards777) and Justin (Kgman04) failed to meet the challenge, then they are your options of votes. The eliminations work as follows:

I will create a new blog for votes and the comments, you say in who want to vote. I'll see the vote as quickly as possible and I ocultalos, anyone know who voted for whom. So, join alliances (or not) and will vote. The link for the blog of the vote.

PS: You have until eight in the evening today (December 18, 2009) to vote.