I'm riding "My TDA". It's like those videos on YouTube "My TDA Camp", but in wiki. I speak the theme of the week and you send me the picture (or video) on the talk page of my User. Will not have teams and will have eliminations. For the eliminations, I will create new Blog posts and for each challenge as well.

Bridgette- NinjaIzzy

Geoff- Barosanumov

Izzy/E-Scope- Caraownsu25

Trent- Lindsayandtrent

Gwen- Bluegirlboo

DJ- Leonoboru

Owen- Pokemonwelove

Heather- TotalDramaAction Heather Lover

LeShawna- Cards777

Justin- Kgman04

Lindsay- Misstditylerfan

Harold- Exitrus9000

Courtney- Whitney12

Beth- Numbuh3

Duncan- DVG991

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