Don't you just love Webkinz mania? He lets me call him Webby. Such an awesome name. Who doesn't like Webkinz, I know I like them! They are fluffy and cute. I was not put up to do this. So, Webby ran for president and he should have won. That is right Freehugs, I am calling you out. Webby should have won and I smell electoral fraud. Webby should have his own wiki. He has done so much that he, himself and all of his glory, created what the wiki is today. Vampyrum Spectrum did squat. No matter what he says, Webby did it. I was not put up to do this. Wey just rocks, and everyone will believe so after this post. Webby is so awesome, I say he even beats out TDIFan13 (referance to the older blog post)! If I was put up to do this, would I say this. Webby, old buddy old pal, I believe I have just finished your dare. Right. About. Now.

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