TDIFan13 did not put me up to this. Isn't he just great? He should be president of this wiki. Not Freehugs, he should. I was not put up to this. He has contributed so much to this wiki. His banning are always just and he even took out his evil TWIN (Anti-Tdifan13). I was not dared to do this. He was so right about TonyDRuiz. People should always listen to him . I mean, he is just awesome. Awesome people just rule the world. He is just like China. Building up power, yet sparing the world. He is like a nuclear bomb about to go off. Watch out ladies, he's single! I was not put up to do this. The world is his oyster, and we are like his growing pearls. He shines us, and grows us into the people we should be. He is just coiming out of the smoke and making sure the fire is put out. He is just like Chuck Norris, he CAN believe its not butter. I was not put up to do this. When people needed fire, he provided, he created the wheel, and gave us the technology we own today. This just proves that he is better than us. We users are not even worthy enough to touch his feet, we just have to bow and hope he makes us worthy. I was not put up to do this. The world does not revolve around the sun, it only rotates because of him. In ancient Mayan times, they prayed for the ressurection on a savior, that is him. Juan Jose look out, because a new corporal is comin to town, and his name is TDIFan. I was not put up to do this. He is the savior to all, and redeems us from sin for everlasting life. He is karma. He is a modern day Budah. He is the Messiah. We, are just his welcomers. I was not put up to do this. He is the one we call, helper. The one we call, Doctor, and he starred in many of our favorite movies. Ya know the Navi that was still alive in the final backroundattle in the movie avatar, that was him. In Alvin and the Chipmunks, he was Alvin's main groopee. In a Christmas Carol, he was Tiny Tim. Ya know him, ya love him, and he is coming to a theater near you! TDIFan13!!! I was not put up to do this. I know TDIFan13 personally, and know that he is just amazing! TDIFan13, this was a message from your mother. And mother knows best. I mean, a life without TDIFan13, is like a life without your soul. I think we should pray for him, for beimng awesome. I was not put up to do this. There is a link in the world. Let me start from lowest to highest. Plants. Animals. Humans. Aliens. God. TDIFan13. I was not put up to do this. TDIFan13, your dare is now completed. DONE.

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