It's been years and most of the TD cast have tied the knot and started families of their own. For some, however, the bliss has long since passed. Geoff and Bridgette, one of Total Drama's most notorious couples, decide to help ten of their friends with their marriage problems... through boot camp! Each week, each couple will go through an exercise that will work to the end decision: should they leave together or apart? No eliminations, but there will be a valuable prize: leaving together fulfilled and with a stronger marriage... I didn't say that the prize was tangible, just valuable.



Geoff and Bridgette: Hapilly married for five years now, they've been signed on by the Total Drama corporates for a show of their own. They've decided to bring their colleagues together in an attempt to save their marriages, though with some hurt along the way.

Chef Hatchet: Chef quit working for Chris a long time ago, but finds working with Geoff and Bridgette to be quite enjoyable, especially since that "Alternate Reality" stunt that they did for fun. He serves to give assessments on each of the couples' marriages, as well as run most of the boot camp exercises.


Gwen and Duncan (and Courtney): Gwen is suspecting something odd with Duncan. After all, they only did have a Las Vegas wedding and she's never met Duncan's family. So she decides to take him to Boot Camp to settle things. Little do either of them know that someone else will be joining them...

Alejandro and Heather: One day they're together. The next, they're separated. However, they've never officially filed for divorce. Now with a three-year-old son, their families feel they need to finally put an end to this, and do what's best for their child.

Brady and Beth: Brady is concerned whether his wife really loves him at all. When Beth is not showing him off to her friends, she's flirting with other men. If she's doing this to get his attention, it's working, but not in a good way.

Mike and Zoey (?):

Tyler and Lindsay (?):

Harold and LeShawna (?):

Owen and Izzy (?):

Cody and Sierra (?):

Sam and Dakota (?):

Shawn and Jasmine (?):

Dave and Sky (?):

Noah and Emma (?):

Crimson and Ennui (?)

Stephanie and Ryan (?):

Devin and Carrie (?):

(?) means that it's an idea, but not officially in the story

Have any suggestions for couples?

Here are some rules before you suggest:

  1. Couples must be (or have once been) canon. (Doesn't necessarily have to be listed above)
  2. Couples must have shown some strain at some point (or over the course of) the show, making their appearance in bootcamp believable.
  3. OPTIONAL: Create a story as to how they got here. (even for the ones that are already decided)

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