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  • SEGASister

    If you're familiar with the term, "senshi", then you've probably familiarized yourself with Sailor Moon. Now in all continuities, there are about forty senshi, but we're just going to focus on the Solar System Senshi for now. So, who would be whom and why would you think that? (Note: Emilie-Claire Barlow, who provides the voice for TD's own Courtney, provided the voice of not one, but two of the main characters: Rei Hino, AKA Sailor Mars, and Minako Aino, AKA Sailor Venus, so if you decide Courtney as either Mars or Venus simply because of voice actor, you can do that). Here's what I would personally go with:

    Lindsay as Usagi/Serena Tsukino, AKA Sailor Moon: Both are ditzy and super optimisitc, and both have a, for the most part, inseperabl…

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  • SEGASister

    It's been years and most of the TD cast have tied the knot and started families of their own. For some, however, the bliss has long since passed. Geoff and Bridgette, one of Total Drama's most notorious couples, decide to help ten of their friends with their marriage problems... through boot camp! Each week, each couple will go through an exercise that will work to the end decision: should they leave together or apart? No eliminations, but there will be a valuable prize: leaving together fulfilled and with a stronger marriage... I didn't say that the prize was tangible, just valuable.

    Geoff and Bridgette: Hapilly married for five years now, they've been signed on by the Total Drama corporates for a show of their own. They've decided to brin…

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  • SEGASister

    So my idea is to give it some retooling. Taking place after Pahkitew Island, featuring twenty-four contestants (and yes, with twenty-six episodes.) All competing for the $1,000,000 prize and the title for "Ultimate All-Star". However, instead of Heroes vs. Villains, I've decided to split the team differently: Brains vs. Brawns vs. Beauty.

    Brainiac Buzzards Brawny Buffalos Beautiful Butterflies
    B Brick Alejandro
    Cameron Duncan Amy
    Cody Eva Courtney
    Gwen Jasmine Dakota
    Heather Lightning Ella
    Izzy Rodney Justin
    Noah Scott Lindsay
    Scarlett Tyler Samey

    And if you're wondering, yes, the Beauty team is meant to be seen as a joke, as per the actual seasons of Survivor Cagayan.  However, in fact, this team only lost one member before the team switch, and two…

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  • SEGASister

    Rules are simple: just pick who is the better of the two. The winners of each pair will move on to the next round, and so on and so forth until we get an ultimate winner!

    • Alejandro or Justin?
      • Winner: Alejandro
    • Cody or Noah?
      • Winner: Noah
    • DJ or Owen?
      • Winner: DJ
    • Duncan or Trent?
      • Winner: Duncan
    • Ezekiel or Harold?
      • Winner: Harold
    • Geoff or Tyler?
      • Winner: Tyler

    • Beth or Gwen?
      • Winner: Gwen
    • Bridgette or Lindsay?
      • Winner: Lindsay
    • Courtney or Heather?
      • Winner: Courtney
    • Eva or LeShawna?
      • Winner: LeShawna
    • Izzy or Sierra?
      • Winner: Izzy
    • Katie or Sadie?
      • Winner: Sadie

    • Alejandro or Noah?
      • Winner: Alejandro
    • DJ or Duncan?
      • Winner: Duncan
    • Harold or Tyler?
      • Winner: Tyler

    • Gwen or Lindsay?
      • Winner: Lindsay
    • Courtney or LeShawna?
      • Winner: Courtney
    • Izzy or Sadie?
      • Winner: Izzy

    • Alejandro?
    • Duncan?
    • or Tyler?

    • Lindsay?
    • Courtney?
    • or Izzy?

    • Lindsay?
    • or Ty…

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