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The campers had to stay in the woods for just one night. Sounds easy right? Well it wasn't for these freak shows! Trent and Geoff started arguing, Eva had another meltdown, and Lindsay let her boyfriend fall into the waterfall. Luckily Tyler survived. But unluckily he got voted off. Will our campers survive our next challenge? I don't think so! Stay tuned for, CAMP TV!

Campfire Ceremony

Each of the campers had to face their worst fears. While most of the campers succeeded, Justin wasn't able to wear an ugly wig for just ten minutes. Geoff and Trent had another argument and Lindsay convinced Beth to vote on Gwen, but failed to recruit Trent.

Chris: So, you guys had a fun day? I did!

Gwen: You're a monster you know that?

Geoff: Yeah, you think letting us facing our worst fears is funny?

Chris: Yeah.

Geoff looks surprised by his answer

Geoff: I had to see that one coming.

Chris: Anyway, Justin, not a wise decision to let your team down on such an important moment.

Justin silently looks at the ground

Chris: As for the others... great job. You've all faced, and conquered your worst fears! Sadly the others did the same thing Justin.

Justin painfully tries to smile but the others look away

Beth: Not this time pretty bo-

Beth accidentally looks at him and is in trance

Justin: Works every time!

Chris: Anyway, the votes.

Beth: Gwen

Geoff: Justin

Gwen: Justin

Justin: Lindsay

CONFESSIONAL Justin: There can be only one!

Lindsay: Gwen

Trent: Justin

CONFESSIONAL Trent: To be honest I kinda want to vote everyone off after last night. Am I the only normal person at this stupid island?

Chris: Sorry Justin. Beauty just wasn't enough tonight. Sadly.

Justin: You'll pay for this Lindsay!

Lindsay: What are you talking about? I didn't vote on you!

Justin: Then that means...

Chris pushes him on the boat of losers in a hurry

Chris: I still have to do the end credits! Who will go down next? What cruel challenge will we have next? Find out on CAMP T-

Signs off


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