Camp TV
Campfire Ceremony

The Killer Bass(Bridgette, Cody, DJ, Duncan, Eva, Ezekiel, Harold, Owen and Sadie)have lost the challenge because Ezekiel and DJ refused to jump, later, while being busy talking with Sadie Katie accidently forgot her crate costing them the challenge.

Chris: Alright, that was one hell of a first day right campers? Ezekiel, refusing to jump and being a know-it-all? Not cool!

Ezekiel: Jumping of high and deadly cliffs isn't one of my priorities!

Chris: It sure fits on my bucket list! Katie, forgetting your crate? Seriously?

Katie: It's not my fault!

Duncan: Really? Then who's fault is it?(Duncan and the others angrily glare at her)

Katie gets nervous and looks around

Katie: eh, Sadie!

Sadie: What!?(Sadie looks shocked)

Katie: She distracted me!

Sadie: How dare you! I fought we were friends!

Katie looks to ground.

Chris: Alright, let's see our votes!

Bridgette: Ezekiel

Cody: Ezekiel

DJ: Katie

Duncan: Katie

Eva: Katie

Ezekiel: Katie

Harold: Ezekiel

Owen: Ezekiel

Sadie: Katie

Chris: Alright, that makes 4 votes for Ezekiel and 5 votes for Katie! Sorry Katie, but it's the dock of shame for you! Any last words?

Katie: Yeah I'm sorry Sadie, I panicked and tried to safe myself, do you forgive me?

Sadie runs towards Katie and hugs her

Sadie: Of course I do!

Chris: Alright, one down, seventeen to go! Who will come out victorious? Who willcrumble under the presure? Find out next time on, Camp TV!

signs off

Time to vote: select your least favorite camper and put his/her name into the comments. When I have 10 votes I'll post a new one.

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"Wow, your much shorter in real life."

"Alejandro is evil, evil!"

"Heather is as mean as a snake, they'll never vote me off!"

"Every second we're getting closer to adventure, and further from momma!"

"I'm gonna rock juvy!"

"Unless they wan't to end up in body bags they better not say my name!"

"Yo, yo, yo! This years winner is in the house! Eeh, bus, I mean runway!"

"Chris, what's up man? What an honor to meet you man!"

"I hate you Chriiiiiiiiiiis!"

"Time to unleash my mad skills!"

"That's it! I'm moving to Canada! Except I'm already there..."

"That's it! You had this coming for three seasons!"

"You backstabbing lying little ####### #####!"

"I'm gonna die now, I'm going to frigging die now!"

"When I say someone goes down, they go down!"

"Only Duncan would throw a change at a million!"

"I like girls!"