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  • I live in the Netherlands
  • I was born on May 25
  • My occupation is human punch-bag
  • I am male
  • SC Heerenveen

    Hey guys, I was just wondering, who do you guys think will be returning for season 6? Because we don't know if characters from the second and thrid generation will be returning, I will only take a look at our original contestants.(and Alejandro and Sierra of course)

























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  • SC Heerenveen

    Hey there, I haven't done anything except read stories on this wiki for a while so I decided to post my personal cast rankings and opinions from season 1.

    number 22(Sadie)

    She was pretty anoying the first few times I watched the show, and instead of getting some devleepment in the episodes Katie was in, all we got was a few tears and an elimination that should've been way earlier. In TDA and TDWT, they actually gave her more of a purpose and I though she was pretty hilarious, making dumb comments during the show, fighting over Trent with Katie, I thought she got more devlelepment in these few episodes then she got in the entire season of TDI.

    number 21(Katie)

    I don't know why, but she has something I miss in Sadie. She looks like she could sur…

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  • SC Heerenveen

    Let's set the scene, the Killer Bass have lost, Duncan and Courtney are making out and Geoff laughs at them. Bridgette and DJ are talking to each other when they see Harold unusely quit thinking about how to get back at Duncan. They both look at him and ask him what's up but he just sais that he's tired and leaves the room. Bridgette discusts this with DJ, Harold has been bullied for weeks and now they are going to vote hi  off? That's just wrong. They decide to change their votes, Geoff is a good friend of both of them, Duncan is their strongest player and Courtney, well, she has been pretty bossy since the stat. DJ sais that Courtney never liked him that much and that he fears that he'll be next. Bridgette doesn't like to see that happen…

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  • SC Heerenveen

    This is a fan fiction I wrote. I have written two parts and I'll post the next part after I see how this one works out. I've used the couples from season 1. Gwent, Duncney, Geofgette, Tyler and Lindsay, LeShawna and Harold, Heather and Alejandro and Sierra and Cody. Also Ezekiel isn't feral. Please enjoy and tell me if you want to see more in the comments. Thank you.

    Episode 1(introduction) Chris is on the docks at camp Wawanakwa, excited until a boat arrives.

    Chris: They're here already? I thought we still had a few minutes?

    Billy the intern tells him that there was an accident and that they're here. Chris pushes him into the water and starts smiling at the camera.

    Chris: Season 6 folks! We've asked our twenty four original campers to return …

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  • SC Heerenveen

    CAMP TV Day 7

    June 20, 2017 by SC Heerenveen

    Previously on CAMP TV

    The campers had to stay in the woods for just one night. Sounds easy right? Well it wasn't for these freak shows! Trent and Geoff started arguing, Eva had another meltdown, and Lindsay let her boyfriend fall into the waterfall. Luckily Tyler survived. But unluckily he got voted off. Will our campers survive our next challenge? I don't think so! Stay tuned for, CAMP TV!

    Campfire Ceremony

    Each of the campers had to face their worst fears. While most of the campers succeeded, Justin wasn't able to wear an ugly wig for just ten minutes. Geoff and Trent had another argument and Lindsay convinced Beth to vote on Gwen, but failed to recruit Trent.

    Chris: So, you guys had a fun day? I did!

    Gwen: You're a monster you know that?


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