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    Ok, so Justin is a pretty forgetable character in TDI. And in TDA he fails miserably at being a good antagonist as he gets replaced by Courtney near the end of the season. Now I don't hate Justin, since he's fun to write and not necessary weird or annoying. But he isn't my favorite either, because he doesn't stand out. Their is one thing I just realized that makes him pretty cool. He remains friends with almost everyone, despite clearly manipulating them and being caught in the act. He made sure Trent and Gwen broke up and got voted off, but none of them seem to hate Justin. He also manipulated both Beth and Lindsay an entire season, but still remained on good terms. He became the in-universe most well liked antagonist who didn't lose any …

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    I've been watching total drama when it aired in 2008 and I still love the show, but one thing has been irritating me for a few years now. It's Noah. Why? Well, I like reading a ton of fanfics and seeing amazing fanart. But Noah's everywere, in fact, I've checked how many characters appear in more fanfics then him, and it is three. Duncan, Gwen and Courtney respectivly. In fan art he's been shipped with pretty much everyone, boys and girls, and he gets ranked very high in almost every personal ranking I have seen to the point wre it is just starting to irritate me so much that I've been wanting to write a blog about it for months, but never had the time or right ideas. Here's my personal opinion about Noah and the reason why I think he has …

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    On a website called TV Tropes there are a lot of interesting solutions to confusing moments in tdi. I just picked a few out, hope you'll enjoy.

    Why didn't everyone vote off Heather in 'Up the Creek'?

    In total drama, it's all about making a good impression. During 'Up the Creek' Izzy spent the entire time running around tranquilizing everything she saw. If I was one of the contestants, I'd be pissed at her to.

    How can Alejandro speak Japanese and understand Jerd?

    His dad is an ambassador. His family probably travels a lot.

    Why was Tyler looked so shocked at Duncan and Gwen kissing?

    He's a Gwody fan! It's confirmed several times throughout the show.

    Why is Alejandro so perfect compared to everyone else?

    Clever editing by Chris and the producers.

    Why …

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    Hey guys, I was just wondering, who do you guys think will be returning for season 6? Because we don't know if characters from the second and thrid generation will be returning, I will only take a look at our original contestants.(and Alejandro and Sierra of course)

























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    Hey there, I haven't done anything except read stories on this wiki for a while so I decided to post my personal cast rankings and opinions from season 1.

    number 22(Sadie)

    She was pretty anoying the first few times I watched the show, and instead of getting some devleepment in the episodes Katie was in, all we got was a few tears and an elimination that should've been way earlier. In TDA and TDWT, they actually gave her more of a purpose and I though she was pretty hilarious, making dumb comments during the show, fighting over Trent with Katie, I thought she got more devlelepment in these few episodes then she got in the entire season of TDI.

    number 21(Katie)

    I don't know why, but she has something I miss in Sadie. She looks like she could sur…

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