Total Drama Island All-Stars

Welcome! Lady and Gentleman I present to you Total Drama All-Stars(Fanfic). I created this so people could actually vote on who they would like to stay. I will put results every two to three days. Every week(2 to 3 days) we will have a diffrent theme. Such as strengthability, lastability and many more. You will decide who wins it all. We are in auditions to pick 20 of all the cast memeber to compete. :)

The theme of the week: Auditions


Callback Order:

Called Back

Not Called Back:



Week Theme Tricky Challenge Winning Competitor: Eliminated: Results:
0 Auditions
1 Like-Ability
2 Strenth-Ability
3 Adaptability
4 Survive-Ability
5 Escape-Ability
6 Attack-Ability
7 Fearlessness
8 Love-ability
9 Lastability
10 Run-Ability
11 Defend-Ability
12 Uniqness
13 Sing-Ability
14 Style-Ability
15 Determinaition
16 Win-ability
17 Finale

Official Rankings:

Competitior Rank Status
Gwen 1st Winner
Zoey 2nd Runner-Up
Alejandro 3rd Runner-Up
Dawn 4th Runner-Up
Duncan 5th OUT
Izzy 6th OUT
Jo 7th OUT
Scott 8th OUT
Lewshawna 9th OUT
Cody 10th OUT
Heather 11th OUT
Mike 12th OUT
Lightning 13th OUT
Courtney 14th OUT
Cameron 15th OUT
Trent 16th OUT
Dakota 17th OUT
B 18th OUT
Staci 19th OUT
Owen 20th OUT

Progress Chart

Name/Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

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