• Ryley Lover

    Welcome! Lady and Gentleman I present to you Total Drama All-Stars(Fanfic). I created this so people could actually vote on who they would like to stay. I will put results every two to three days. Every week(2 to 3 days) we will have a diffrent theme. Such as strengthability, lastability and many more. You will decide who wins it all. We are in auditions to pick 20 of all the cast memeber to compete. :)

    VOTE NOW!!!

    Called Back

    Not Called Back:


    Week Theme Tricky Challenge Winning Competitor: Eliminated: Results:
    0 Auditions

    1 Like-Ability

    2 Strenth-Ability

    3 Adaptability

    4 Survive-Ability

    5 Escape-Ability

    6 Attack-Ability

    7 Fearlessness

    8 Love-ability

    9 Lastability

    10 Run-Ability

    11 Defend-Ability

    12 Uniqness

    13 Sing-Ability

    14 Style-Ability

    15 Determi…

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