Alright, So everybody's been talking about how BAD Total Drama All Stars, and in someways, I agree and disagree, but I also feel that it wasn't the show's fault, It's more the writers faults (This Ed McDonald gets the most hate out of EVERYONE!) but when you look at it another way, The good is still there, just hard to see, like that you've got some of the greatest contestants (and Sam) back for a special season of Total Drama, And for the most part, they put something up there and we had it. Will I watch PI? Well, yes, but for good reasons. The season looks pretty darn good tbh, and for the most part. I don't mind it.

But I wanted to know, Where would Total Drama go from there? A question I think we all should ask ourselves, maybe what Fresh asks themselves everyday when TD finishes up a season, "What's next for our friends?" so....I got an idea....what if, 18 lucky contestants from seasons 1-4 went to Vietnam for a shot at ANOTHER MILLION DOLLARS! (AGAIN!) And I must admit, I was pretty proud of my idea, (I won't spoil anything............yet....)

So, Here's the small and tall....

Episode 1- The Unlucky 18- We'd start off with Chris McLean in a helicopter, that the viewers would have loved to see the old contestants compaired to the 14 suckers he chose, so he gives them their wish, kind of, because the people wanted only HALF of a the 36 contestants. "So if you wanted a 36 contestant season.....*laughs uncontrollably*, You'd have to be DREAMING! Would we EVER, do that?" First to come on to Helicopter McLean is, Bridgette, then Duncan, Gwen and Courtney, (who appear to finally all be friends again.) Sierra, Mike and Zoey soon follow, with Alejandro (who is greeted coldly) and Heather (also greeted coldly) "What did I do wrong?!, I didn't even touch you in Season 5!", "Yeah, but I think we all remember what happened the first time on the Island.....", "Shut it Chris.....", Then comes out Owen (whose pumped out as heck for this.), DJ, Izzy (uh, flying her way), Cody and Eva. "Once again, I'm only here cause my anger management teacher MADE me.", Dawn and Leshawna soon follow, along with Harold and Bridgette, and then, last but not least, Noah!!!!....Or is he? "Uh uh, No way am I going to do this.", "You sure? You sure you wanna back out at a million dinerios?", "Chris, i've seen the spoilers, it's not pretty, so yeah, i'm going to withdraw from your petty game here." Noah walks off, leaving Chris upset cause now he needs a NEW contestant! "Yo yo!, 2 months of resteration was all it took to bring the Zeke back to human form eh!" Chris shrugs and puts Zeke in Noah's place. Heather needs the bathroom, and.....IT'S ANOTHER BATHROOM CONFESSIONAL!!!! "Ugh! Chris!!!!!" Chef then starts to fly the copter out of Canada, and to somewhere special, Chris takes guesses from the campers. "Sweden?" "Hawaii?" "It better be nowhere in particular." "Jamaica!" "Dude, I swear, if it's Afghangistan, I will lose it.", "No, No, Not Real, Fail and Close....We're going to VIETNAM!" the word Vietnam gets everyone surprised, Mostly everyone panics about going to Vietnam, Especially Owen. "SWEET JAMESES WURGEN! WE'RE ALL GONNA DIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!" But Duncan, Harold and Izzy love the idea, "CONF: Everyone knows that freakin' savage, people at war, fighting America, Canada, heh, For once, Chris is doing something right.", "CONF: We're going to Vietnam?, YES! I can FINALLY show off my new gun skills!", After a while, Everyone lands at Vietnam, and's pretty friendly, the people are nice, no one's killing each other, everyone's so nice, Much to Duncan's anger, So what's their first challenge? A good ol' fashioned race to see who can finish eating their Banh Xeo, with apparently Dawn seems to like. "Banh Xeo taste so ettequette, I must admit, it is very well made, especally during a time where animals are targeted at food.", DJ, Alejandro and Gwen get the most out of everyone. And guess what? This season....3 TEAMS!, Afterwards, Izzy and Heather finish. "CONF: I will admit, I'm actully pretty happy to be on a team with Alejandro....mostly because I'm probably gonna play him by the merge.", Courtney follows along with Owen and Bridgette. Owen thinks he just won the Super Bowl and celebrates, Ezekiel finishes and calls the Banh Xeo "better than my home made moose eggs eh!", Harold and Eva finish up afterwards and puke up whatever was in their stomach, after everyone finishes, Chris decides to once again let the contestants choose the names of their teams, Team 1 quickly comes up with their team name (Team Atlas), Team 2 hasn't much trouble either (mostly Dawn and Zoey fawning over Alejandro) (Thus, Team Alejandro), But Team 3 has the most trouble, Until Ezekiel says "So uh, Where's the Evergreen eh?" which everyone likes and call him a genius!

To everyone's surprise, that turns out to be the 2nd challenge, and so Team Alejandro (despite the fact it wasn't Chris) wins, Team Evergreen getting 2nd and Team Atlas getting 3rd. (To the dismay of Harold.), we go to see that their all gonna live in a big house. "Like Bear in the Big Blue House?", "Uh, No Owen, NOT like Bear in the Big Blue House.", Courtney decides to try what Gwen did in TDWT and find a new man, which doesn't concern Gwen or Duncan.....for now at least. "CONF: But who do you choose with almost your whole team is a women's team.....hmmmmmm....."

Team Alejandro is basically Eva not giving a damn about Alejandro, neither Heather really, which no one gets, although, Heather does get that feeling. "CONF: I haven't been on this show for 6 seasons now, and I don't know what Heather's deal is. And I don't care about it....GOT THAT?....Good."

Meanwhile, Ezekiel finds out that by his team winning the challenge......"CONF: I'm not going to be 1st eliminated this year eh! Awesome! Told ya the Zekester was back eh!"

Team Atlas finally has elimination, and although no one wants to admit it, they have to vote off the biggest threat......The safety treat this year?.....pilot badges..."Yeah, i'm not feeding you marshmellows this time. Spazzed!" which Owen gets sad at. The following order is as followed, DJ, Cody, Harold, Bridgette and Sierra and they all get their badges, Izzy and Owen look with concern in their eyes, Mostly Owen, but in the end......Izzy gets the last badges, and Owen taking the elimination. "....It's not that I didn't want to leave that bad....It's just that, I REALLY.....REALLY.....REALLY WANTED A MARSHMELLOW!", "....Agh, FINE! Chef! The marshmellow!" Owen is given the marshmellow and says goodbye to everyone, and goes to the newest way of saying goodbye....THE TRANSPORTER OF SHAME! (How original...)

Owen goes in, but not before Izzy hugs Owen, which no one gets, then.....uh...yeah, one of Owen's weird flashback. "In short, We're back together!" DJ accepts it obviously and Owen and Izzy have one final kiss before Owen leaves, As 17 remain? Who will stay afloat? Find out next time on another episode of TOTAL....DRAMA.....VIETNAM!

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