aka Jacob

  • I live in Florida
  • I was born on December 2
  • My occupation is Rping, Camp making and eating Pizzas
  • I am Male, DUH!
  • Russelrules44

    Alright, So everybody's been talking about how BAD Total Drama All Stars, and in someways, I agree and disagree, but I also feel that it wasn't the show's fault, It's more the writers faults (This Ed McDonald gets the most hate out of EVERYONE!) but when you look at it another way, The good is still there, just hard to see, like that you've got some of the greatest contestants (and Sam) back for a special season of Total Drama, And for the most part, they put something up there and we had it. Will I watch PI? Well, yes, but for good reasons. The season looks pretty darn good tbh, and for the most part. I don't mind it.

    But I wanted to know, Where would Total Drama go from there? A question I think we all should ask ourselves, maybe what Freā€¦

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