So, I'm pretty sure everyone is either shouting in glee or planning a riot to Fresh TV in order to rewrite TDAS or protest the season's final two. The finale will be a bit boring as it's trailer spoiled Mike's fate. Anyway, I'm going to examine why Mike and Zoey don't deserve the money.


Out of the two, Mike is the one who lease deserves the money. He competed in six episodes where he managed to dig up puzzle pieces (through Manitoba), shoot Heather and Gwen with leeches, get blown up to the salad spinner, cost his team the challenge, and freak his girlfriend out while she gets the credit for delivering the eggs before unleashing the Lamevolent One. I'm sorry, Mal as in Bad aka bad antagonist.

While Sierra goes mentally insane, Duncan goes to jail, Cameron nearly dies, Alejandro is humiliated and injured, Courtney loses her friends' trust, Gwen gets pummeled by dirt, and Scott gets bullied by Fang as a result of the intensity that is Total Drama, Mike is just strolling along in his own mind. Why hand a million dollars to someone who didn't even compete in every episode of the season ? He didn't have to eat the disgusting food, get humilated, or almost die in order to reach the million.

As Mal, he deserves nothing but payback. He only eliminated one contestant in his entirety as an antagonist, and broke hundreds of things. He broke Sam's game guy, Sierra's phone, Cameron's glasses, Duncan's knife, Izzy, the boats, a relationship, Alejandro's zipline, a beam and a rope since his debut. He only breaks things. I wouldn't be surprised if he broke the million dollars. He claims to be careful and has not done so as everyone in the final six were suspicious, but a tad late. *Chris's intro cough* Gwen *Chris's intro cough*

In fact, the only reason why Mike deserves the money is to spend it on a psychiatrist and doctors in order to figure out a way to stop Mal from reappearing.


Coming soon.

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