This article/section features spoilers. Continue reading at your own risk.

I'm gonna examine the season which may lead to potential spoilers. I doubt it since I'm usually wrong most of the time xD. I try to be funny but I usually get yelled at, so this will be hardcore boring. Just bear with it please.

You Regatta Be Kidding Me

Fact: Merge is Ep. 8 and Duncan will scheme while Zoey risks her life for Mike.

Speculation: Duncan is more concerned about his bad boy image than he is about Mal. In the preview, he hitched a ride with Scott who he hasn't interacted much only in Evil Dread and No One Eggspects. We know Scott is worried about an alliance between Courtney, Gwen, and Cameron so he may align with Duncan in exchange for bad boy lessons. I know, it's a weird speculation. So, if the two agree to work together they might possibly eliminate Cameron or Alejandro. The scheme could go wrong and one of them ends up getting the boot.

However, since the pattern has been female-male until last week's episode AND 3 newbies (Lightning, Jo, Sam) / 2 oldies (Heather, Sierra), it may be possible a male oldie will be next leaving Duncan or Alejandro or both as potential eliminees. However, if Lindsay's elimination was first to prevent that then Cameron or Scott is leaving. I know, someone's said well than everyone you just wasted my time o supreme one. (Haha made u say it.)

Anyway, I sincerely doubt that could happen. Another pattern has been 1 hero (Lindsay) 2 villains (Lightning, Jo) and 1 hero (Sam). THEN it was 1 villain (Heather) and 1 hero (Sierra). If the so-called lust is correct then 1 hero and 1 villain follows it. So, Duncan (hero) seems to be getting eliminated followed by Cameron/Alejandro (villains) if that pattern continues. However, it could mean ORIGINAL teams meaning Cameron (originally heroic) followed by Duncan/Alejandro (original villains).

Result: Duncan/Alejandro will get eliminated if 3 Newbie-3 Oldie pattern continues AND if female-male pattern continues AND if 1 team 2 other team 1 team pattern continues as it satisfies all of these elimination patterns.

Fact: Zoey risks/puts her life at risk for Mike. Some say that it won't be fair if its 2 females against 5 males. News Flash: When it comes to the merge, Total Drama is never fair. TDI: 2 people returned, 3 automatic eliminations post-merge, and a final 3 from the same team. TDA: Owen's return, TDWT: TV completely wiped out before merge, Blaineley's debut, only two regular eliminations, TD:RotI: 4 males, 2 females, one team almost completely wiped out. Anyway, time to speculate.

Speculation: Many say Zoey may be eliminated as a result of her saving his life. This is a potential point as it makes total sense for Mal to do: eliminate the one that can bring out Mike from his personalities. If I was Mal, she'd be the first to go solely because of that reason. (I bet some are thinking or have tried to check my rankings. They are not up there so I cam maintain a neutral point of view. Translation: to lazy to update my page). If eliminated, Zoey would seriously mess up the leaked list and perhaps finish a chain of 3 females and be followed by 3 males. However, it could be a double elimination with either Cameron/Duncan/Scott joining her as they are on the same raft. This could potentially eliminate 2 more males leaving Courtney/Gwen and Mike/one of the guys from the raft as the final four.

Result: It is highly unlikely that she will be eliminated. If she were, I imagine either Duncan or Cameron to go in her place (Duncan gave up on being a bad boy or Cameron doesn't want her to be separated from Mike.)

REAL: Duncan eliminated thus continuing all the patterns I addressed.

Zeek And Ye Shall Find


Fact: Zomie Zeke arrivies for the ugliest time ever. More Scourtney, Cameron's with Mike in the tunnels, Alejandro skipped weirdly, Mike/Chester will continue their journey to the evil tower which will probably take them the rest of the season.


Fact: TOTAL DRAMA'S 100TH EPISODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Speculation: If the current pattern continues, then that means a male will be going home next. My speculated pattern (1 team, 2 team, 1 team) could determine that either Cameron or Alejandro is going home next. However, I doubt that the writers will have Chris spoil the next elimination system, and I'll admit I plotted a fanfic rewrite where Mike/Mal asks for an alliance with Alejandro only to betray him in that episode. So, I think that Alejandro will be backstabbed by Mal and be eliminated as a result. Plus, his victory was pretty pointless in SP as he did nothing of importance except remind us of his seductive powers. Cameron has been saved twice, and I really believe he should have been eliminated since Moon Madness, as he's only complained about Sierra in each episode. Scott's pretty much safe as he hasn't interacted with Mal at all this season. Courtney and/or Gwen could possibly get the boot since they're understimating Mike and completely ignored Duncan's warning. Zoey should have been eliminated relatively early since, as confirmed in YRBKM, she has the power to draw out Mike from his subconsious. Still, I don't see her getting eliminated in this episode.

Result: Alejandro will be eliminated. This satisfies the female-male pattern and the 1 team 2 team 1 team pattern. Lindsay (Female/Hero), Lightning (Male/Villain), Jo (Female/Villain), Sam (Male/Hero), Heather (Female/Villain), Sierra (Female/Hero), Duncan (Male/Hero), Cameron (Male/Villain)

REAL: Cameron was eliminated.

The Obsta-Kill Kourse


Fact: Race through tires rigged with traps, two work together (Mal/Alejandro).

S: I'm guessing that the challenge combines Chef's boot camp and I'd say the trust one, but no one seems to be working together by Chris's order, just by choice so I'm stumped. Alejandro is desperately trying to warn people about Mal, but like Harold and Bridgette and Dawn before him, probably be eliminated as a result. I have no idea how Alejandro ended up on Mal's legs or how Mike can hold both of them up with his noodle arms, but the promo did reveal the forest. It could combine a challenge to make it back to camp first like Are We There Yeti ?, but none of them are paired up.


If the boy-girl and team pattern continues, then a female Villain will be eliminated meaning Gwen or Courtney. Courtney seems to have a plot, but as a result of the sneek peak, I can see how she can be eliminated this episode. However, as a result of Cameron's elimination, Gwen has NO plot left, and could also be eliminated thus continuing the pattern. Lindsay (Female/Hero), Lightning (Male/Villain), Jo (Female/Villain), Sam (Male/Hero), Heather (Female/Villain), Sierra (Female/Hero), Duncan (Male/Hero), Cameron (Male/Villain), Courtney/Gwen (Female/Villain).

Final Two

Fact: Either Alejandro, Courtney, Gwen, Mike, Scott, or Zoey make it to the finale.

My "facted opinions": There will not be another finalist in the final two. The writers could surprise us, but I honestly doubt it.

Speculation 1: Oldie vs. Newbie

Since this season's theme seems to be a mixture of veterans and new contestants (despite that they two groups don't majorly interact except for Courtney, Duncan, Sierra, and Heather, and three of them are gone with the other obsessed with another original character.) Anyway, since both groups haven't really interacted, I just don't see this finale happening.

~~Courtney vs. Scott~~ Courtney has only interacted with Scott and I would LOVE to see this final two, but three things stand in the way:

  • Courtney switched teams, and team-switchers have never made it to the finale. The writers could surprise us, but I seriously doubt it.
  • Courtney is way too obvious a winner, and the writers just love tormenting her with all the drama only to have her win slip away. (Just to clarify, I do NOT see her as a victim)
  • Boys: Courtney's elimination HAS always been caused by a love interest of hers. (TDI: Harold rigged the votes to get back at DUNCAN, TDA: She decided to give DUNCAN a chance only for him to vote her off, TDWT: ALEJANDRO and DUNCAN manipulated her post-love triangle.) The writers might continue this pattern, and have Scott betray her in the end.

~~Courtney vs. Mike/Zoey~~ All three opponents are listed due to the fact that there's been little to no interaction between them. Courtney only called Zoey a threat and Zoey responded with confidence that Courtney has a heart (SPL). Mike says Courtney's scary, and Mal mentions that he loves it when things get scary (SPL), so if his love of scary warrants her a pass to the final two then there it is, but they haven't interacted as much. If interaction between the two of them continues (which I highly doubt due to her friendship with Gwen), this seems unlikely.

Speculation 2: Newbie vs. Newbie

(I'm not putting oldie vs. oldie, since they're all finalists except for Courtney)

~~Scott vs. Mike/Zoey~~ Nope. As far as I know, they have not interacted with each other at all. No revenge-seeking for his actions, no redemption story for him, nothing, zip, nada. This is highly unlikely. However, he did get on the raft with Zoey in the YRBKM preview so there still is a possibility for the latter.

~~Mike vs. Zoey~~ Ah, yes, the supposed final two. This actually makes more sense since Mike has been trapped within Mal, but with Zoey, Duncan, and now probably Cameron suspicious, he is definitely going to target them. They don't interact as much as they did in TD:RotI so I'm not sure this will be true, unless Zoey goes Commando but as seen she doesn't need to go commando to godplay. I sincerely hope that this will NOT be the final two.

Speculation 3: Female-Male Pattern

Lindsay (F), Lightning (M), Jo (F), Sam (M), Heather (F), Sierra (F), Duncan (M), ??? (M), ??? (F), ??? (M), ??? (F), ??? (M). Final Two: F vs. M

If the pattern continues, it will be a female vs. male and a male will win again for the fifth time <sigh> yay...

However, since TD: RotI had a male-male finale, then a female-female finale is possible this season.

Speculation 4: Final Two that addresses all of my patterns

Lindsay (FH), Lightning (MV), Jo (FV), Sam (MH), Heather (FV), Sierra (FH), Duncan (MH), Cameron (MV), [my predictions, after two heroes, two villains, it will be just a male female pattern] Courtney/Gwen (FV), Alejandro (MV), Zoey (FH), Scott (MV), Courtney/Gwen (FV), Mike (MH)

If all the patterns continue, then that would be the correct elimination order (assuming none of the finalists get into the final two again).

I will post more speculation as future episodes air. I'm tired its 2 am so Ill post the rest or the speculation later. Hoped you enjoyed and feel free to compliment my speculation skills, yell at me for wasting your time, or argue about how stupid or disoriented my speculation is. Either will be met with laughs. RuleroftheBisons97 - Bow to my power! >:) 09:22, October 28, 2013 (UTC)RuleroftheBisons97

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