Hi everyone, I'm not really known on the wiki as I am new although I haven't missed a single Total Drama episode since its premire except one which was The Bold and the Booty-ful. I know, right? Five seasons, 100 episodes in, and I miss the 103rd (106th counting specials and recap) episode. Anyway, I decided to start a blog to review every episode in the Total Drama series leading up to Pahkitew Island. I'll probably fill it up with lame puns, and Not So Punny puns. I know, I needed to add a part one in there somewhere. There will also be a reward section for the worst and best character in the episode, and a section for what I thought was the funniest line although you can comment what you think it was. However, this review doesn't have a best or worst character as the concepts still haven't been explained by Chris. Anyway, on to the review.

Not So Happy Campers - Part 1 Review
The Campers

............................................................................................................................................................................Sorry, Courtney and Cody's faces look seriously deformed in that picture.

The episode begins with the introduction of Chris McLean. His voice is pretty boring, but he explains everything clearly and precisely so I guess he'll be a good host. Things are moving fast and there are some funny one-liners. Still, that maggot-worm thing that said, "Hey now" will probably be the most disturbing thing I'll ever see in life. It still gives me the shudders. Chris finishes the intro and it heads to the theme song.

The first time I heard the theme song it got stuck in my head and I was literally told to shut up by my parents whenever I started the whole Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na, SHUT UP! That's a typical day at my house. Anyway, the creators added a nice touch when subtlely referring to the main plot lines during the season like Courtney and Duncan, Owen farting, Leshawna and Heather's rivalry, Gwen and Trent's relationship, and the running gag with something (in this case Cody) interrupting Gwen.

Chris starts showing his true self when stating that they lied about a five-star resort. Anyway, we meet the first few campers. We meet Beth who already annoys me with her lisp and for using a word that I don't know. DJ arrives and he seems cool enough. So, Gwen arrives and she starts to whine with that depressed or is it monotone voice. After complaining that she won't stay for like a billion times, she decides to leave. However, the boat leaves. Just one question though, are there really twenty-two boats for each camper? And, if she wanted to leave so bad, then why didn't she hop on another one like Geoff's. Well, actually, that boat quickly left. Lindsay arrives, and she's really pretty although she seems a bit....oh, sorry lost my train of thought looking at Lindsay. Heather arrives, and she makes this face that makes me laugh a lot. Like a lot until my parents say SHUT UP! Yeah, seriously, that face is awesome. Face it (ba-dum ding) you can stare at that expression and laugh all day. So, criminal Duncan arrives and he already reminds me of every bully stereotyped on TV. I don't know if tv knows this, but my school lacks bullies or mean girls like the last two campers to arrive. Wanna-be Jock Tyler slams into the luggage and I laugh a lot while Harold arrives. Seriously, he sort of weirded me out, and, no lie, I made the Heather face when I saw him.

Trent is the ninth (technically tenth, but we all know why the said ninth) camper to arrive, and he seems to be a cool guy figure skating. After a hillarious exchange of getting dropped on heads, we see the beginning of Gwent and Gidgette. The beach is shown and that seagull was hillarious. We see a nice interaction between Heather, Duncan, Bridgette, Geoff, and Harold which actually develops them. I already felt bad for Bridgette and felt the need to do unlawful things that involve death to Heather. Not bad for only eight minutes. Noah seems to be stuck-up while Chris shows his lack of care to the campers. Leshawna arrives and Harold started to creep me out when he calls her big and loud and starts to do...uh...karate moves? Yeah..... Katie and Sadie arrive and they annoy me to no end and why didn't Ezekiel arrive with luggage? "I think I see a bird, eh." Yeah, "I think I see the first loser, eh." Chris does some major foreshadowing that practically revealed Ezekiel was the first to go. Cody arrives and I already relate to him although he has a deep voice this episode. Why is it higher in World Tour? Wait, that season doesn't exist by this point. Also, do these campers have extra long bodies, they seem to be in midair.

Cody trying to flirt with Leshawna

Cody has a very long body despite being the shortest.

Eva already scares me by her appearance while Owen starts to annoy me with his whole awesome. Wouldn't it be awesome if he fell through the dock? Wouldn't it be awesome if he got out first? It wouldn't be awesome if he won. Still, he seemed nice, but so did Courtney and we all know what happened to her. Justin arrives and says his only lines in the entire season, since Chris doesn't count specials. Owen seems to be really friendly with Justin while Izzy is hillarious. Courtney seems to be the only one with a heart as she runs to help Izzy, but then again...

The twenty-two decide to take a promo picture in the same exact position that they already did when advertising the season. Y'know, cause it's live so they had to have already taken the picture beforehand. I'm overthinking this. It's a cartoon. No way we'll get brain scenes, cameraman recording while flying through the sky, or dreams featuring donuts. The scene with Chris failing to take a picture was hilarious. "C'mon, man, my face is starting to freeze." Haha, if only Heather did the face while taking the picture. The dock breaks, and I actually laugh at this. At the campfire, Chris starts to explain the sleeping arrangements and Lindsay proves to be hilarious when calling Chris Kyle. The teams are announced, which leads to annoying dialogue between Katie and Sadie as they're separated. The team names are actually pretty okay although the Killer Bass seem to have the potential to be the better team due to Eva, Duncan, and DJ being on the team. Interestingly enough...

Chris introduces the confessional which seemed to be a nice touch until Gwen complained, Lindsay didn't know where to look, and Owen farted. The cabins looked a little too small to contain five to six people as I only see two bunkbeds. Chris says he's the only adult. Leshawna makes a racist remark, DJ utters his first high-pitched scream, Gwen complains again, and Harold actually tries to do something until Duncan raises a hatchet.

Poor Bug

Rest in Peace Talking Cockroach

R.I.P. Talking Cockroach

I felt really bad for that cockroach who apparently has the ability to talk. Wow, two talking animals in one episode. And then I puke over seeing the insides of it, and I puke again once its leg twitches. No, seriously, forget what I said about that maggot-worm thing, that cockroach is the weirdest thing ever. Still, I'm planning a funeral for it on Total Drama's anniversary. We enter the the mess hall where Chef is there. Didn't Chris just say he was the only adult on the island? I'll ask the talking cockro-oh, wait he's dead. I see the food and the meat returning to the scooper is now the weirdest thing I've ever seen on the show. Lindsay and Gwen talk about the food and Gwen's meat twitches. "I hate to be predictable and complain on the first day..." Wow, she's been complaining the whole day. So, Gwen has short-term memory or something? The camera pans over the mess hall and I see a hamburger moving. Now, that's the weridest thing I've ever seen. Seriously, how many times has the title of Weirdest Thing on Total Drama been moved? Someone should start a blog about that. Now, you guys are probably competing to create it. Syke. No one reads my blogs. I'm so lonely. *Tear drops*

Chef scares me. He threw a knife at a teenager. I can imagine the mom going, "NO! NOT MY SON!" except they're probably celebrating that they have eight weeks without children, maybe even getting rid of their furniture like Heather's. DJ wonders how hard the challenge could be, and the campers are on top of a cliff. DJ makes me laugh when he states "Oh, beep." And the episode ends with a preview of the next episode. It looks promising as Owen states he's going to die with sharks coming at him. The end credits start and I start chanting Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-SHUT UP!

This episode sold the series to me. There were many funny one-liners from the talking animals especially that cockroach, and several of the contestants notably Duncan, Harold, Leshawna, and Lindsay. The contestants already develop their stereotypes and I'm pretty sure several users developed favorite and hated contestants based on this one episode alone. Relationships between Geoff and Bridgette, Tyler and Lindsay, Gwen and Trent are hinted as well as rivalries between Heather and Gwen and Everyone and Duncan. Character interactions and development are spot-on for the episode, and make this season look promising. The episode itself was boring, but that was partly due to it being only an introduction to the series.

Funniest Line: "Oh *beep*!" - DJ

My Rating: A

[+]: Good Character Development, Funny Lines, Talking Cockroach, Heather's face.

[-]: Gwen's complaining

Now, if you look closely in the background, I leave you with this:


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