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So, this blog will be used to analyze the promos for the final three episodes. I know its late but ill do this for Pahkitew Island too. Anyway, here it goes.

Sundae Muddy Sundae

It looks like the final five have to go to the top of Mt. Chrismore to collect ice cream and then travel to the Mess Hall/Swamp to get toppings as there are nuts and cherries there. Scott won't win immunity since he looks to be far behind as evident when hanging off a cliff plus he looks mad at Courtney and not happy that he won. The writers are trying to establish Mike as the ultimate villain who doesn't need immunity unlike Heather, Courtney, and Alejandro (he needed it starting from Africa) so he won't possibly win. That leaves Zoey, Courtney or Gwen. However, Courtney looks scared that could mean either Gwen is in danger of being eliminated or Courtney is. If she had immunity, she'd have a smirk she always did in TDA. Eliminationwise, it's probably down to Courtney, Zoey or Gwen. Plus, Courtney admitted winning is everything to her. I agree, so she's not going to sacrifice herself for Gwen unless her learning that winning isn't everything is the plot of the episode. Anyway that's my analysis of the 30 second preview. Courtney/Gwen will win while Gwen/Zoey is flushed.

2013-11-14 03-44-59 1

All the toppings

2013-11-14 03-40-32 1
2013-11-14 03-41-09 1

Update: I screenshotted the promo when it was announcing the final five and Mike and Courtney seem to be in the lead since she has more ingredients but Mike's isn't melting quite as much. Plus, if one looks at the pic where Courtney is sitting at the bonfire, it looks like she needed only whipped cream while Mike needed whip cream and those black things. So, Mike is another candidate.

Sundae: Cherries from swamp, nuts from mess halls, ice cream from top of mountain in Ice Ice Baby, black chocolate chips I think, and the whipped cream so five ingredients to complete the sundae.


Thanks for reading, you can either praise my brillance in the comments or yell at me for wasting your time or point out errors. RuleroftheBisons97 - Bow to my power! >:) 12:27, November 14, 2013 (UTC)RuleroftheBisons97

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