I don’t know how unpopular this is outside the wiki, but I absolutely cannot stand Dasky. It is my second least favorite couple, only beating Zoke, but that's another blog for another day. Anyway, back to Dave and Sky.

I never liked them. Ever. When they weren't completely dysfunctional, they were cliche. And when it started having its problems, it was just plain horrible.

I hate Sky. I hate Dave. I HATE Dasky. This pairing is one of the most dysfunctional, problematic, toxic not-even-a-relationship pairing ever seen in this series.

Sky cheating on Keith with Dave was not okay.

Dave never taking no for an answer was DEFINITELY not okay.

Sky intentionally toying with Dave’s emotions so he’d help her win the million was not okay.

Dave getting all murderous and taking pleasure out of hurting Sky was beyond screwed up and SO NOT OKAY.

So many things about this pairing are not okay. Not that I even think they’re great on their own because individually, I hate them. Sky is not Zoey 2.0 as some might say, but there are a lot of similarities. Although there are some justifications for her "god-playing" (i.e., her training for the Olympics) she has no real flaws other than being a bad person and 99% of her arc was centered around DAVE. And Dave is a walking talking red flag. He had a few interactions with Ella, yes, but the mini love triangle arc STILL involved Sky. He's a satellite character. He’s everything that feminists hate - His obsessiveness of her, and then his hostility towards her upon her rejection is not cute.

It’s disturbing.

That said, when they’re apart, they’re way better people than when they are together in any capacity. They bring the absolute worst out of each other, and ugh... I just loathe this pairing so much. There’s so much wrong with it and the fact that it’s at times glamorized and not acknowledged for the abusive relationship that it is just makes me hate it more.

So, how was your weekend?

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