This article/section features spoilers. Continue reading at your own risk.

  • Leonard and Tammy will be eliminated very early on, and everyone will despise them.
  • Devin will find out about Carrie's crush on him.
  • Devin and Carrie will get together.
  • People will dislike MacArthur for being overweight for being "mean".
  • Chet and Lorenzo will be annoying.
  • Pete will be revealed as Chris' father.
  • Mickey and Jay will be horribly annoying.
  • People will either hate or love Mickey and Jay.
  • People will compare Emma/Kitty to Lindsay/Heather.
  • People will hate Junior for being 12.
  • People will criticize Kelly and Dwayne's parenting.
  • Crimson and Ennui will do absolutely nothing, but will have a huge fanbase.
  • Ryan and Stephanie will be irrelevant.
  • People will debate Tom's sexuality.
  • People will compare this to Total Drama World Tour.
  • People will compare all of the sibling groups to Amy and Samey.
  • People will compare Ellody to Courtney.
  • Geoff and Brody will be unnoticed by the fanbase.
  • Noah and Owen will be the funniest characters.
  • Ellody is secretly Courtney, who got a wig and glasses and snuck on the show.
  • Noah and Owen will not win.
  • People will compare Ellody and Mary to Scarlett.
  • Lauire and Miles will cause political debates among fans.
  • The fanbase will die again about two or three months after the finale airs.
  • People will call Ryan a "Lightning-rip-off" for being black being athletic. 
  • Oh right, Rock and Spud exist.
  • Mickey and Jay will be terrible.
  • Sanders and MacArthur will be hilarious.
  • Ezekiel will make an apperance, still feral.
  • Crimson and Ennui will either never speak, or speak no more than eight lines the entire season.
  • People will argue whether this "saved" the series or "ruined" it.
  • People will argue over the "true" winner.
  • Devin and Carrie will win, let's face it, they will.
  • Jay and Mickey will go far and "shock" everyone, even though the "underdog going far" trope is overdone, predictable, and has already been done on Cameron.
  • The wiki will be the only people who like Taylor/Kelly. 
  • Everyone else will find them "annoying" or "mean".
  • This will be better than TDAS and maybe TDRI.
  • This won't be as good as TDI, TDA, TDWT, or TDPI.

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