There are people on the wiki still comparing Sky to Zoey.

Like, wtf. They’re the OPPOSITES. Sky is almost a mockery of Zoey.

Sky is hit on by a guy. Sky turns him down and focuses on the game and occasionally thinks of that boy.

Zoey is hit on by a guy. Her whole world revolves around him and she rarely thinks of anything that ISN’T that boy.

Sky is justified for her athleticism. Regardless, Sky still slips up and isn’t perfect. Sky ends up humiliating herself very often. She’s played for laughs at times.

Zoey has no justification for her athleticism. In fact, she HATES jocks and somehow pulls a plethora of acrobatic miracles out of her ass. Zoey is supposedly perfect and rarely slips up in a way that TRULY humiliates herself. Zoey is never the butt of any joke since she’s too damn precious to the writers.

Sky makes genuine mistakes.

Zoey is always “the victim” and never gets called out on her bull since she’s clearly always right and everyone else is either wrong or stupid or both.

Sky has a personality. She’s not just “the jock”. She’s got a wide variety of personality points. She wants to be an Olympian, she belches when she’s nervous, she’s not good with breaking up with others, she hates when people play dirty, and she’s very judicial and slightly over competitive.

Zoey has no personality. She doesn’t even stay true to the “Indie chick”. Not even slightly. Stuffing a flower on your head doesn’t add anything.

Sky interacts with a wide variety of people. She has interesting interactions with Sugar, Shawn, Dave, Jasmine, and even Ella.

Zoey spends at least five minutes every episode longing for Mike.

Sky is revealed to be somewhat of a hypocrite in the finale, and is called out on that.

Zoey is a hypocrite in MANY ways, and is NEVER called out on it. She longs for friends, yet pushes away Dawn and Dakota. Even Scott to an extent. She claims to love oddballs, yet often badmouths the more whacky characters in the confessional. She also didn't want to be friends with Dakota after she mutated... Zoey wants to be accepted for who she is, yet spends all of TDRI bossing around Mike telling him to act the way she WANTS him to.

Sky and Ella remain friends even after finding out they both share feelings for Dave.

Zoey and Anne Maria… not so much. I justify Anne Maria. I wouldn't want to be Zoey’s friend anyway. Smart move.

Sky. Is. Not. Zoey 2.0.

Sky ≠ Zoey

NOTE: I don't like either of them. Although Sky is a GOOD character, I still personally dislike her and find her very annoying. Zoey? She is both annoying AND a bad character.