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Hey, everyone. So I’ll be reviewing every episode of Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race.

These will be called my "Rueviews", because I am lame and love puns.

"This is Toronto, the capital of North America."

Lol, what? It's not even the capital of Canada.

Don looks like Topher and Duncan’s love child. Also, this is the voice of the guy who wrote some of the best and worst episodes of the show. Just an interesting bit of trivia.

The theme song was totally awesome. It's a thousand times better than the twenty seconds we got the last two seasons.

Don explains the season as he walks by the cartoon version of Donald Trump.

"Carrie and Devin, best friends."

So, we have Trent Devin and Bridgette Carrie. Ugh, they’re obviously going to get together and make it far. BORING.

I wonder if Geoff is going to hear Carrie talk and be reminded of Bridgette since they’re both boring generic girls voiced by Kristen Fairlie.

"Kelly and Taylor, mom and daughter."

“I’m known as the ‘cool mom’.”

I can already tell Kelly is going to be hilarious. She reminds me of Regina George’s mom from Mean Girls.

"Emma and Kitty, actual sisters."

Emma and Kitty are cool. As I watch more Fresh shows, I notice how often they reuse voice actors. While this isn’t a bad thing at all, it’s just kind of funny, since when Emma talks all I can hear is Nikki from 6teen and when Kitty talks, I hear Lindsay. Anyway, I hope their storyline isn't just a rehash of Lindsay and Heather and Amy and Sammy’s conflicts.

"Crimson and Ennui, two exceptionally pale teens."

I honestly thought Ennui was the girl for the longest time, but I guess not. I hope they do something significant, otherwise they’ll just be two B’s with eyeliner.

"Owen and Noah, seasoned reality TV participants."

PRAISE THE TD GODS FOR BRINGING BACK NOAH AND OWEN. Although they obviously aren’t going to win, I hope they last long, since they’ll be hilarious.

"Mickey and Jay, identical twins who are used to overcoming adversity.'

Ugh… they’re basically going to have the same storyline as Cameron. WHY? Cameron was not an enjoyable character. They even have the original design of Cameron. Well, I’m pretty sure these guys will go far, so I’ll just have to grit my teeth whenever they’re on screen.

"The totally in love daters, Stephanie and Ryan."

I totally love Stephanie’s design, especially her hair. And Ryan is so freaking jacked, holy crap. They look like they could have potential, although it’s obvious that they're going to break up at some point.

"Josee and Jacques, ice dancers."

Jacques and Josee seem like they’ll be entertaining. I love both of their voice actors.

"Geoff and Brody, life long friends and surfer dudes."

Geoff and Brody are okay. I don’t really know what to say about them. Geoff is a funny character, but Brody seems like Geoff 2.0. Ah well. I'll give them a chance. And I'd bet my house that Bridgette makes a cameo when/if they go to Australia. I don't see why not, they already have Bridgette's VA available. 

"Dwayne and Dwayne Jr., father and son."

The dad looks like he voted for Mitt Romney and the son looks like he would claim to have slept with my mother while playing COD. They seem like they could be somewhat entertaining though.

"Sanders and MacArthur, ambitious police cadets."

So Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy seem like they could be some of the funniest characters this season. That's my initial impression, anyway. I totally ship them though.

"Lorenzo and Chet, new step-brothers."

Ugh, they're annoying already. Drake and Josh seem like they're gonna be fodder or go under the radar and go far as "comic relief". I can't seem them as the type of characters to go through dramatic development to be honest.

"Tom and Jen, highly attractive bloggers with impeccable taste... I told you not to let the teams write their own cards."

Hahaha, I like these two already. 

"Rock and Spud, the rockers."

Eh. I have no clue what to say about these two.

"Laurie and Miles, granola-loving hippie-dippie friends."

Did all the teams write their own cards? That's an odd way to describe oneself. Anyway, Laurie's hat and dreads are offensive.

"Ellody and Mary, scientific geniuses who say they will use their winnings to support the science community."

Jeez, so many people have Courtney's VA this season. Laurie and Ellody literally sound exactly the same. Mary also looks like Amy from the Big Bang Theory.

"Leonard and Tammy, dedicated live action roleplayers."

They apparently stopped for some slurpies on the way to the show. Leonard isn't as annoying this season, I have to admit.

"Gerry and Pete, retired pro-tennis players and friendly rivals."

So Pete and Chris' dad look promising. They remind me of Statler and Waldorf with the way they bicker.

Anyway, Don (I typed Chris for a second there) explains the rules of the season. The four boxes of everyone being determined and then just Crimson and Ennui having blank stares was hilarious.

The two pink teams collect the first tickets and then middle-aged Dwayne and twelve-year-old Junior somehow run past the athletic skaters and surfer dudes pretty easily. 

"An either-or gives the teams the choice of two challenges."

I don't watch TMA, so I'm not sure if that's a thing in the show, but it sounds like a neat idea. Anyway, I'd totally take the stairs. Yeah, it'd be a long climb, but it's better than walking across that skywalk.

Ugh, the twins are so annoying.

Hahaha. Dwayne is amusing. 

Tom and Jen are beautiful and amusing. 

"When we get home, hire yourself a personal trainer." ".... Great idea, sweetie." "I know, that's why I thought of it."

While Kelly and Taylor are amusing, I really hope they don't just do Amy/Sammy with different family members.  

"So you're one of those skinny-fat people who can't climb 144 flights of stairs without blowing chunks. What do you do, yoga?"

MacArthur is amusing.

Leonard and Owen interacting with each other made me kind of happy, I don't really know why. I love how OWEN of all people was weirded out by Leonard.

MacArthur actually sounds kind of like Jo to me.



Noah remains one of the funniest characters in TD without having to say a word.

Kitty takes a selfie while she is LITERALLY an inch from the edge. 

"Promise me you'll never let go!" "Never! ... Can you believe people pay to do this?"

Hahaha, I love the bloggers.

"The line was tested this morning by our intern, Andrew. Condolences again to his family." Omg, the humor is on-point this season.

Josee and Jacques wave to Neko and continue to amuse me. 

"... Without them, my partner Jacques would never be able to ovecome his many faults." "Uh, why do you say many like that?" "You know why."



Geoff is getting back to his TDI roots, which I like. He was one of the best season one characters.

Anyway, this was an awesome episode. It definitely feels like a classic TDI or TDWT episode in terms of writing and humor. There are a lot fo great characters. Now, I've seen all six episodes, but as of THIS episode, my favorites were: Sanders/MacArthur, Tom/Jen, Emma/Kitty, Noah/Owen, and Josee/Jacques. I only truly dislike Jay/Mickey, Carrie/Devin, and Chet/Lorenzo.

Rating: 9/10.

Best Characters of the episode: Tom&Jen (RR)

Worst Characters of the episode: Lorenzo&Chet (RR)