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Welcome back to another TDRR Rueview. Last episode was pretty great, but will this one beat it? Only time will tell (twenty minutes to be exact).

"Greetings, gentlemen! What say you to an amalgamation of of adversaries? A weaving of wizards and dopplegangers to rule them all!"

Hahahahahaha, Leonard is hilarious this season. Tammy throwing confetti was also quite comical.

"Because Lorenzo is a poo-head, that's why! Can't you just divorce his dad?" "Dad! You've gotta divorce Chet's mom!"

Literally, you two are the most annoying characters in existence. Are they supposed to be annoying or not? I honestly can't tell. 

"Salutations! We propose an unstoppable adjoining of alchamey and alabaster to vanquish those who dare to cross us! Surely you shall not say nay!"


Aw, Tammy and Leonard's story is cute. 

"This just in: do-do-do-do! Father and son team win the millon. (Crowd noises)"

Dwayne is so hilarious.

"His name is Beary... get it?" 

"Because he's a bear."

HAHAHA. Nowen is one of the best interactions in TD history. Owen shoving the bear into Noah's unchanging face was one of the best parts of the episode.

Jen's design is so freakin' cute. And Tom looks like the kind of guy I could chill with. 

Wow, Carter Hayden's voice does not fit Spud at all.

"It's this one! This is cinnamon! This is cinnamon! This is cinnamon!"

SHUT UP. God, Carrie is so annoying. And the "homie" thing is going to get annoying SO quickly. 


Stephanie is terrifying, my god.

"We have to ride to the restaurant in the desert... on a camel!" 

Scott McCord honestly has such a great range of voices, and I like Jacques' in particular a lot. 

Sanders and MacArthur talking to the spice guy was hilarious.

"It's not a man's job to know spices. In ancient times, women were the spice collectors and men were the hunters. Ah, those were the days. Men had all the power and-"

... That was sexist, Dwayne. Hilarious, but sexist. 

"Come on, snap to it man. Chop chop! My team mate will eat anything. I once saw him chow down on half a shower curtain." "There were pictures of cupcakes on it!"

Noah and Owen are hilarious once again.

So Not Courtney and Mary pick out spices with the Vegans. Will Mary have a line? Who knows.

"Camels are the ships of the desert. They're tireless... Oh great, we got a broken one."

Omg Dwayne is killing it.

"So you can guess and I can't?" "Mine is an educated guess. Can you please not throw a temper tantrum right now? HURRY UP!"

Emma is kinda mean to Kitty, it makes me uncomfortable. Kitty ily <3

Ugh, the twins are so obnoxious.

"Take hikes, not humps!"

That's actually quite clever.

"Agh, he'll rue that day when Armetheus the Dragon Ruler takes the throne." "He'll so rue it."

Yo, thanks for the shout-out, Larpers. 

I love spicy food, this episode is making me crave it.

"I'm not supersticious at all. I just believe that this rabbit's foot is responsible for everything good on my life."

"Can I rub it?"

"Hehehehe... of course you CAN'T!"

Josee and Jacques are amazing.

"I don't want to overstep, but it's easier if you ride the camel."

Leonard, that was shady af.

"Okay, I love him!"


Okay, I know a lot of people like Carrie, but I just can't bring myself to like her. She's just so annoying to me.

Sanders drinking the stew was hilarious, and MacArthur's annoyed reaction was even funnier.

"Oh, allow me to get that for you, princess."


"You okay, homie?"

I knew it would get annoying.

OK, but that moment was legit kind of heartwarming.

Jesus, Devin must be strong as heck. He lifted Carrie with one arm and was running full speed.

Geoff and Not Courtney have a nice convo about their respective partners.


"Hold on, Tom. You don't want to spill anything on that shirt."

I was kind of expecting Tom to take off his shirt right then.

"I hate the way you slurp!"

I hate the way you exist. 

Devin and Carrie win the episode and I couldn't care less.

Josee and Jacques running past the cadets was just amazing. Words can't describe it.

"Later, skaters!"

MacArthur is literally Jo as a cop.

"So as a Canadian ice dancing team, you probably hear this a lot: 3rd place!"


Josee's eye twitch was funny too.


Why are all the teams so keen on getting first? There's no special prize. Just don't be last, and you're in the game.

Dwayne is his way up in the world, he is so funny.

The father/son and Vegan Courtney and Miles are safe, and the Larpers are going home. Hm.

I really want Leonard's time reversal spell to work one day.

Also, I like the little elimination speeches the characters do. They're a nice touch.

Overall, this was a great episode with great humor. Can't wait for the next one!

Rating: 9/10.

Best Characters of the episode: Dwayne&amp;DwayneJr (RR)

Worst Characters of the episode: Devin&amp;Carrie (RR)