Roleplay Reborn

  • I was born on August 15
  • My occupation is Total Drama Wiki activity
  • Roleplay Reborn
    [[Forum:Roleplay Reborn#Camp Drama|]]'s [[Forum:Roleplay Reborn/Camp Drama sign-ups|]] and full [[Forum:Roleplay Reborn/Contestants#Camp Drama|]].

    Actors chosen for [[Forum:Roleplay Reborn|]] must read and agree to the [[Forum:Roleplay Reborn/Guidelines|]], as well as the wiki's [[Forum:Simplified ruleset|]].

    will be played by during and its succeeding seasons, unless the actor drops the role, in which case their undetermined understudy will obtain the part. We would like to thank everyone that auditioned for this character.

    Beth will be expected to use this color scheme during the roleplay. If the actor would like to suggest a different theme, please visit the internet relay chat and receive consent from a roleplay leader.

    Please make sure …

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