Just my opinions that's all


14th - Zoey

Oh hai new Lindsay, except dumber and not funny at all. Especially if your godplaying and winning 9023490284024 times in this season. Worst final 2 of all. Oh gosh I hope she never comes back in the seasons.

13th - Mike/Mal

A very boring and stupid antagonist. All of his plans either fail badly, or only involve breaking something. Sure its something personal, but I was expecting something better from someone from juvie that even Duncan is aware of. Just like Zoey, I hope he never returns this season since he would be VERY boring without his personalities.


12th - Sam

I was rooting for this guy. When I first heard of him in this season, I was expecting him to be eliminated 1st, or make it to the final 2. I don't hate him, but I just didn't see his purpose on All Stars due to being eliminated 4th this season and that Brick made it farther then him.

11th - Lindsay

I like Lindsay, but she got eliminated too early for me to say much about her.

10th - Cameron

Aint that interesting? I honestly do not have anything against Cameron rather I kinda liked him. Although I was expecting him to be booted earlier then Ep 9. Overall, not a bad character but not a good one either.

9th - Duncan

Not much to say for him, I do hate him, but I placed him above Cameron and the others below since at least he wasn't a as huge screenhogger as the previous seasons. His "soft side" gag thing was kinda funny. But this is how high I will place him.


8th - Sierra

I liked her this season. I did think it was funny when she mistakes Cam as Cody. Though I feel she didn't really have any plot in her

7th - Lightning

Even for his early boot this season. I really did laugh at him. Now that I realized it, I don't see why he gets all the hate.

6th - Jo

You rock Jo! Her conflict with Heather was awesome and she interacted with quite a lot of contestants despite being booted off 3rd.

5th - Courtney

I would of placed her higher, but I didn't because of that stupid episode known as Sundae Muddy Sundae. It completely ruined her character. Still, she was quite enjoyable.

Enjoyed the most

4th - Alejandro

Great antagonist from TDWT and great in this season to. Other then walking on his hands for like SIX EPISODES, I quite enjoyed him and his interaction with Mal was just epic, even though I still dislike Mal in the first place.

3rd - Heather

Heather, you will and always will remain high on my Total Drama rankings. She was an epic antagonists in TDI, decent in TDA, rocked in TDWT and still remain epic in TDAS. I was quite surprised she was eliminated quite early this season to

2nd - Gwen

Bash on me all you want, but I will still keep Gwen this high. I did like her interactions with Cam, and she definitely was better this season then TDA and TDWT.

1st - Scott

Used to be my least favorite contestant in all of Total Drama history. Now in TDAS, This guy was funny as **** and was like the best comic relief this season. Sure his only real plotline was Scottney (CourtneyxScott) which failed miserably, but damn hes still very funny, probably the only ROTI that I really enjoyed (since Lighting and Jo got booted too early)

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