OK! I had a lot of free time to do whatever i liked so i made a Total Drama Favorites list! Its full of all of my favorite contestants of the series ( first and second generation!)

38. Staci - I. Absolutely. Hate. Her.

37. Sadie  - I honestly dont like her or Katie, but out of the two of them, i'd hate her more. She just seems so much more annoying then Katie for some reason.

36. Katie - As stated in the Sadie part, they both are really annoying, but this one is just a slightly bit less annoying.

35. Anne Maria - I am honestly surprised they let her in the competiton! I mean really, her description is The Jersey Shore Reject! As much as I hate, hate, HATE her, im happy she was in the competiton because she caused her fair share of drama.

34. Eva - Ok, Eva. Anger Management. Assumer. Im really surprised SHE out of all the rest of the cast eliminated made it back! I mean, i would've liked Cody, Noah, Tyler, or even Harold to come back instead of her. I mean really?

33. Blaineley - Ok, after 31, i was done with the people i really dont like. Blaineley is more of a jerky 20-something year old lady who got 7th in TDWT! Totally unworthy. Not to mention she got into the competiton in the FINAL 7. WHAT THE HECK!

32. Justin - Although he was unfairly voted off in TDI, I still have little to none regard for this character. He has a im too hot for my shirt attitude. Alejandro is more bearable than this ̶t̶̶o̶̶t̶̶a̶̶l̶̶l̶̶y̶̶ ̶̶h̶̶o̶̶t̶ wannabe model.

31. Courtney - Ok, Courtney is annoying, but a surprisingly interesting character (similar to Sierra.) If Courtney hadn't been such a brat about her PDA in TDA and freaking out when she was eliminated in TDI, she would be higher on my list. Im also tired of this whole Duncney and Gwuncan business. I'll explain more when Duncan comes.

30. Owen - You gotta respect the winner of the first season of Total Drama. He deserves being as popular as he is (although im happy hes not in TDAS.) The thing that dropped him down on the list is because of his annoying fart jokes. Its every. single. episode that he farts. Its getting really annoying. Thank GOODNESS hes not in TDAS. Thank you Total Drama Writers :D

29. Gwen - Ah, Gwen. Runner-up of TDI. "Heart-breaker" of TDA. And finally, "Boyfriend-stealer" in TDWT. What the heck? I defend Gwen even though shes 26 on my list. I personally believe Gwent is the best couple for her (and ove\rall.) Though i would like Gwuncan to continue, because hooking up, breaking up, hooking up again, breaking up again, and finally hooking up one more time is enough. 

28. Jo - Eva remake ( a better but still annoying one) is 25 on my list because shes too much like Eva. She has a sorta-minor temper, a jockette, and as annoying as ever. Though im not surprised shes in TDAS, as she was in the final 5 of TDROTI. Although, i wish she would've got eliminated earlier. Maybe swap Mike and Jo's elimination? That would be awesome!

27. B - Silent but smart. Kinda like me!

26. Duncan - Ah, Duncan. You sly dog. A criminal, a lover, a jerk. What's not to love about him? Originally Duncan was in my top 10, but then i noticed something. HE IS A SCREEN HOG. He made it to the final 5 of TDI, TDA, and TDWT. Not to mention he won TDA. And theres the whole Love Triangle business. What's up with you Duncan? I think Gwen is better than him with Courtney because she just basiclly abused Duncan! He had to read (and memorize) a what, 100 pages of Courtney's needs (or should i say desires.) Im sorry he had to go through that. Live on Gwuncan!

25 - Cameron - Cameron! The 'world renouned' weakling of Total Drama! Winner of TDROTI. Awesome job bro! Why is he number 23 on the list? Call me a jerk but I think he was just a one time thing. Im happy he won TDROTI but in TDAS, he should be eliminated early. I mean, I would like a weakling to be at least in the final 3 of TDAS, but Mike can take that spot (Not talking to you Svetlana, Vito, Chester, or Manitoba.)

24. Lightning - Lightning, the jock of TDROTI. Runner up to Cameron. And who could forget his classic phrase? I like Lightning because I see him as a more jock Tyler. Halarious and strong! The reason hes 22 is because he basiclly bullied Cameron the last 2 episodes of TDROTI. Dude, i know he stole your challenge but you deserved it! You almost ditched him! And when i saw him lose to Cameron in TDROTI, I was happy to finally say Sha-bye-bye!

23. Beth - I see Beth as a female Cody. A nerd, but a loveable nerd (looks at Harold and Cameron.) Im happy with Beth as a character. She stood up to Heather in TDI and dominated all (except Duncan, you devil) in TDA. Awesome job gurl!

22. Geoff - Geoff. The Party Guy. Everyone's friend. What's not to love about him? He took his elimination in TDI with pride and joy! Awesome. The reason hes number 20 is because he is always kissing Bridgette after season 1. Its annoying as heck. I mean really? This is a kids show, people!

21. Bridgette - The lovable surfer girl. The jewel of the sea. Friend to dolphins. How did she get 19 on my list? It's Geoff's fault. After TDI, it was all kissy kissy with each other. It was disgusting. Am I happy she got in TDWT while Geoff didnt? Of course! They needed time apart. 

20. Leshawna - The "Big girl" according to Harold. Sassy. Cool attitude. She's 18 because of how she treated Harold. I mean, Harold was in love with her! All she did was keep rejecting her. Harold doesn't deserve her in my opinion. But, hey, you cant hate this gurl!

19. Alejandro - That sneaky devil. He's an obvious copy of Justin, but so much better! He doesnt have that im too hot for my shirt attitude. He uses his looks to decieve the girls in the show (which Justin did but he was bad at it.) He just has so much more potential than Justin. He's just so great at the game! The handsome devil is unbeatable.

18. Dakota - Dakota. Used to be drama queen. Current radioactive monster with a grudge against Chris. Dakota(zoid) is an awesome character. Her storyline began as a fasionista and paparazzi hog. She came back as an intern and learned to be less of a diva. She finally got close and personal with some toxic waste and became an awesome monster! She seems to be fine with her new form, along with her boyfriend Sam (WAY TO GO DUDE!)

17. Sierra - Uber-fan. TD blogger. Obsessive of a certain boy named Cody. Kinda like me in a greater degree. She has room for improvement in TDAS. Without her man she can be so much more than a stalker. Maybe she can even win! She would've had a chance to win TDWT if she hadnt blew up the Total Drama Jumbo Jet trying to give her man a proper birthday cake.

16. Trent - Trent! The loveable musician. I dont blame Gwen for falling for him.He's just so perfect! I believe he should've been in TDWT and possibly TDAS. He had an awesome story going in TDI and TDA! They just dropped him in TDWT! Its unfair! Its also unfair how he was eliminated when Heather kissed him. I still do wish they would renew him for another season. He deserves it.

15. Zoey - The loner. The 'indie chic.' Mike lover. I think Zoey as a clone of Beth and Sierra. Why? She has the social skills of Beth and the 'craziness' of Sierra. Not to mention Sierra would do anything to protect her man (Yes, im saying Zoey cares for Mike.)

14. Heather - The original villian. The skillful player. One of the few girls that didnt fall for Alejandro's charms. You gotta respect her. She started to become less of a villian through TDA and TDWT. In TDWT she didnt really do anything too evil. She started as a devil planing to decieve everyone until she was the only one left. She came a long way. Of course, her villianous side is back for Total Drama All-Stars. Its the only chance she has to not get eliminated!

13. Brick - Brick McAuthor. Drill sargaent from the army! You gotta respect him for serving time there. He could've made it so much farther in TDROTI! He was voted off because he saved the other team from DYING! He deserved to make it farther. If it wasnt for his team he possibly would've won!

12. Harold - One of the three main nerds of the first generation (other two are Cody and Beth.) I have a soft spot in my heart for the nerds in the series. They're just so... loveable! Harold is my 2nd favorite nerd because he got 5th in TDA against all odds! Respect!

11. Noah - The sarcastic dude. And thats exactly why i love him. Who CAN hate him? Heck, even Heather likes him!

10. Ezekiel - The once unlikeable nothing  in the Total Drama universe. In TDWT, his story took a huge step forward. He became a wannabe gangsta. All he wanted to do was win. Chris cruely threw him out the plane just before it took off. Luckily, he got back on it before it took off. He lived with the animals, turning him feral. Its really sad. At the end, he stole the million dollars, but plummited into the volcano, burning him and the money. Although hes still feral (and probably will always be) he'll always have a place in my top 10.

9. Sam - What can I say? I love nerds!

8. Dawn - Hippie/Physcic/Spiritual lady. The Total Drama universe needed a character like this. She's just awesome. 

7. Izzy - Crazy. Who COULDN'T like her?

6. Scott - Main villian of TDROTI. Surprisingly getting 4th place instead of 3rd or 2nd. I could tell he was fit to be a villian from the start. I wish for a Scott/Dawn relationship, but alas,  its not going to happen.

5. DJ - The Brickhouse with a Heart. Almost everyone on TD loves him. And its the same with me. Sure, he can man-up a little but give him a break!

4. Tyler - Tyler is an underestimated contestant. In TDI, I think his elimination was totally unfair. He didnt deserve to be eliminated when he was. If anything, Courtney should've been eliminated because if Tyler would've done the challenge his team wouldn't have won anyway. In TDWT, im happy he made it to the final 11. He totally needed and deserved it. I wish Lindsay would've been there with him, though.

3. Lindsay - Dumb but beautiful, Lindsay has untouched potential. I believe Lindsay can become the best contestant ever if she was a bit smarter. Getting 6th in TDA was her greatest accomplishment.I can't believe she was voted off first in TDAS. If she doesnt come back, she might get lower on my list.

2. Cody - Nerds. Im a fool for nerds. Cody getting 3rd place in TDWT may be one of my favorite moments in Total Drama History. His stalker Sierra is his 'friend' and his only hope at getting the million dollars for TDAS. Cody is counting on Sierra to win. Will she?

1. Mike - Mike is like a copy of Cody, but a little better. His multiple personalities makes him so interesting he is anything BUT a popular character! I love him so much because he was in the most obvious relationship (with Zoey.) Great job dude!

What do you think?

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