Okay, so I don't make blog posts that often, but I decided that I'd like to talk about Total Drama Pahkitew Island. First off, I'm kind of disappointed that they're not taking the time to try and develop characters who have more potential (Eva, B, Ezekiel, Katie/Sadie, Brick, Staci, etc.), but eh, there's always Season 7. Besides, the characters look pretty good from what I've seen (Yes, I've seen the leaked storyboard.) Hopefully the other episodes are just as good, if not better. So without further ado, let's get started!

PahkitewIsland Contestants

All of the characters' silhouettes.


Sky is a pretty bland character, kind of like Zoey. Nothing that she does really seems to stick out, but I did notice that she had some interactions with Dave. Perhaps they'll become a couple. Perhaps she'll get a more noticeable personality in the episodes to come. Who knows?

I think she'll make it to about 7th to 4th, since Zoey got third place, and they seem to be similar. I don't see any noticeable antagonists on Sky's team, so I doubt she'll get voted off early... unless Dave is an antagonist.


The name kind of irks me because of how it's the name of Leshawna's friend. However, it's nothing that gets my undies in a bunch. From looking at the storyboard, she looks to be a giant, which is kind of weird. She seems to be the bossy yet friendly leader type, like a... more likeable Courtney, perhaps? I like the hat as well.

Based on her behavior in the episode, I predict Jasmine will place somewhere between 5th and 1st, as she has what it takes to win, but she could be seen as a threat to the antagonist.


Topher? What kind of a name is that? It's an interesting one, that's what. He seems to be the confident kind of guy who kisses up to Chris. Heck, Chris and Topher make CHRISTOPHER. Ha, I made a funny. I think Topher has the possibility of becoming a villian, but then again, he could also just be a more cocky and good-looking Cody.

I think Topher will also place 5th to 1st, as his character seems to be the type that would make far.


Ah, Leonard the guy who thinks he's a wizard. For some reason, I've forgotten his name multiple times, often calling him "Lawrence" or "Lorenzo". I also thought he'd be a Smooth DJ type. His design was quite surprising, yet I'm totally okay with it. So far, he looks like a funny and interesting character. Sure, Lorenzo screwed up the challenge for his team, but he didn't intentionally do it, and plus he does have a few funny moments. I think he's supposed to be a live action roleplayer or something like that, or a time traveling wizard? Either way, Lester is an oddball.

Sadly, Lawrence will probably be 13th to 8th place considering how the interesting characters from TDROTI (B, Dawn, Sam, Brick and Anne Maria) all got voted off around that time. Hopefully he gets his fair share of screen time.


Ella is nothing that I'd expect from Total Drama. Then again, I could say the same about four of the other third-generation newbies. I still think she's funny, though, but I think her singing and princess attitude could get annoying after a while.

I think that the others might get annoyed at her singing and stuff, but she is nice. I think that she'd get around 10th to 7th place.


Rodney didn't get that much screen time in the first episode, so I don't know much about him. He seems like an okay guy. I think he'll be the helpful farmhand kind of guy, doing the hard work on the team. Nothing much to say about him really.

Since he is strong and could be really useful to his team, I think he'll make it to the merge, so I'll give him a ranking of 7th to 4th place.

Amy and Samey

I'm writing about both of them in one part because they're twins. The evil twin/good twin personality types might happen, or they might be neutral. They didn't get much screen time either, so I don't know about these two. All I know is that if the rumors are true, Amy is most likely the evil twin, while Samey is the good twin. This can be seen by how in the first few pages, Amy is shown bossing Samey around

Amy would probably get '5th to 1st since she could be supposed to be the villain type. If not, then 7th to 4'th.

Samey appears to be more of the follower, which means she might get a lower placement of 10th to 6th.


Beardo is a complete weirdo. Hah, get it? Beardo the WEIRDO? Moving on. So, this guy is a SFX geek who, by looking at the storyboard, is shy and tends to not speak but instead make sound effects to people he hasn't warmed up to. He doesn't do much to help his team, but he is kind of funny. It'd be even better if his sound effects were acutal sound effects rather than him making them. I think it'd be fine considering all the unreleastic stuff that's happened in the Total Drama series.

Too bad he got eliminated first. Didn't know yet? Well then too bad, I warned you about spoilers beforehand. He got 14th, and he probably won't be coming back. Let's hope he gets some good development in the finale or something like that.


And now we're at Dave, the guy who got a lot of screen time this episode. He seems to be the main focus for some odd reason. I think it's because he becomes important to the story later on, or maybe it's because he's a Cody/Noah type kind of guy, and you know about all those Noah and Cody fangirls. Or maybe he'll become a villain. Or maybe... I don't know.

I think Dave will make it somewhere from 6th to 3rd since I don't think that they'll make him a winner, but I think he'll make it really far.


From what I've seen, Shawn appears to be some kind of paranoid geek, as he is shown to believe that his fellow campers could turn into zombies. He's another of the campers who doesn't get much screen time in this storyboard.

His paranoia could get the best of him, landing him a ranking of around 13th to 8th.


Scarlette appears to be the preppy type, who for some reason reminds me of Courtney. Probably because she looks like a lawyer. Anywho, she doesn't get much screen time either, but she's shown doing work. However, I have a feeling she could get on the other campers' nerves.

I'd place Scarlette at around 11th to 7th, as I think she'll get booted out early for some reason.


From looking at the silhouette, you'd most likely think that we're getting another Owen, right? Well, you're wrong. Max is nothing like him... except for the head part, that is. He's a short little evil mastermind wannabe who goes off and does his own thing, trying to make an evil lair and not high-fiving because he's self-proclaimed evil. I don't think he'll become the antagonist, but just a comedy relief character who eventually ends up getting on everyone's nerves. Either way, he's still pretty funny.

As with Leonard, Max will probably be voted out early for being interesting and a self-proclaimed villain, probably around 13th to 10th. He might go farther, but it doesn't seem like it to me.


Last but not least is Sugar. I think that Sugar is quite similar to LeShawna, which I'm cool with because she's a cool character. Not much to say here.

For some reason, I think she'll probably rank about 11th to 7th.


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