• Restless Hearts

    i Know This

    October 15, 2013 by Restless Hearts

    hi guys im new to this wiki and just wanted to initroduce meself i LOVE kingdomehearts and total drama (leswhanas my favorite i also like courtney lol :) )and i know this this i know. all that i have all that is me resides inside my poetry. everytime i write a rhyme it might be the line that sets minds free and also i know that i don't know crap. and the more i know the more i realize it.

    i know that for all of the pain i've cried there's the exact same balance of joy on the other side of that coin joined with the thinnest slip of membrane. same goes for crazy and sane truth and lie answer and why beccause i know this. this universe operates with a divine tug of war teeter tooter bringing order and balance like hte tide does to water, like,…

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