We start off with the recap where Chris tells Ella's animal friends that he shot her... Out of a cannon. That was funny, especially the animal's faces.

Then we go to Team Kinosewak in the morning, and Jasmine and Max are still on bad terms after the last episode.

"Was it you being shot out of the cannon for costing us the last challenge? That was MY dream."

Jasmine and Max's conflict is interesting. And how can Max not find Scarlett in the treehouse?

Sky daydreaming about Dave is hilarious. Dave's going to go in for a kiss. Yay.

Sugar thinks Sky and Dave's relationship would be an alliance, so she asks Shawn if they should form "a little alliance of their own." Woah, was she flirting?! Ew, Sugar rubbed her spit all over Sky's cheek. I'm still enjoying Sugar though.

So Chris introduces the next challenge, which is basically running in hamster balls across the island. I'm glad this isn't the real challenge. It'd be amusing to watch Dave try making his move on Sky in there. He'd probably kiss Sugar. Or Shawn. O_o

"Stop pushing" "I'm not pushing, I'm shoving!" That line was pretty amusing, I'm surprised I found it funny at the least, though.

Jasmine is revealed to be claustrophobic. Which makes sense, considering she's like TEN FEET TALL. Chris comforting Jasmine is a little disturbing.

So then Chris shoves them down a ravine and Sky lands on top of Dave, which he is ecstatic about since near-death experiences make girls wanna kiss. They also apparently make them want to throw up. Did Sugar puke ON PURPOSE to stop them from kissing? I'm impressed. Poor Dave.

I'm liking Jasmine a lot more now. Scarlett using the word "bogus" is kinda funny. Even if it is formally.

Maybe Dave can set up another romantic picnic for Sky with the kitty litter and soy sauce. Only if there's a romantic beatbox song on that Beardo CD. That'll make her kiss him.

Jasmine has a panic attack and Sugar causes a cave-in. They all have to choose a tunnel quickly. Topher and Jasmine go in one tunnel, Team Maskwak goes down another, and Max and Scarlett go down another. Thanks to SCARLETT's orders. Way to take charge, Scarlett!

Sky and Dave ask each other if they're okay and prepare to kiss. Sugar belches and Dave makes out with a bat. Poor Dave. Again. And that bat was INTO IT, too! And Sugar eats a glow slug.

"Aw, Sugar. I think you just broke my 'gross-out' meter." "Whatever, bat-kisser." Ooo, sassy. You tell him, Sugar!

"Wow! Look at me! Choo-choo! I'm a bus! Chugachugachugachuga." What kind of buses does Sugar have in her town? Oh yeah that's right, she lives in the country. Or at least a small town. I'm not really sure. Sugar's hilarious.

Jasmine is shouting at Topher and having a panic attack until he gives her night vision goggles so she can see "how cramped the cave is." Yay. OMG Jasmine thinks Scarlett and Max are married! XD

"This cave is weird." "Maybe the cave thinks YOU'RE weird." I like Max. "Those stalactites shouldn't be here." "Then where should they be? Wyoming?" Oh, Max, you kill me.

Then Scarlett goes on to explain that there's not any evidence of... something. I never got to hear because the weather was bad where I am, and it cut her off. It's actually kind of funny because it always only cuts off the sound when Scarlett is about to say something scientific that I wouldn't understand anyways. And then it stops right after she's finished. I love Scarlett, but I can't help but laugh at this.

"Eh, tip-toeing is boring so... here's a CROCODILE." That was funny and a little out-of-nowhere. Scarlett convinces Max to train it and make it his "reptile minion," but she really wants him gone. It fails and the stalactites fall. The crocodile is crushed and it's revealed to be mechanical. Scarlett thinks the whole cave is, and speaks more scientific gibberish, which this time, I have the fortune of hearing.

"Wait, you're doing what frequently?" It's not that frequently. She only does it once a month, Max. I hope he can get used to it, because how can they EVER BE MARRIED otherwise.

Woah, Scarlett is scary. She sent her brother to therapy! But that's what he gets for touching her BEAUTIFUL HAIR! Then Max commands Scarlett to suck the "croc venom"... out of his butt... Ew. Max!

Then Topher freaks Jasmine out. Chris introduces the Leap of Faith where they must jump. Jasmine freaks out and she strangles Topher and they fall into a pit. Jasmine 'hugging' Topher is cute.

Team Maskwak reaches the Gem Cave where Chris warns them not to take any diamonds or 'Bling Bear' would be after them. They fail.

"My guess is that Sugar ate one, so everything she says sparkles." A likely guess, although it was Shawn.

"Wait, that's just Scuba-Bear with-" Yay, continuity!

Scarlett's smart. She opens the door to...An elevator? "It's just an ancient Cree secret passage." "With carpeting and Mu-zac?" Why did she say music like that? And Max throws her device out and she admits she hates him in the confessional. I hope the island has a couples' counselor.

Then the Maskwaks all jump into a pool of water to get away from Scuba- I mean Bling Bear. Well, Sugar shoves them in actually.

"Well you know how bears hate losing their jewelry in the pool." I don't get this joke. Can somebody please explain it?

Then the find an exit, and come out of the outhouse confessional. People actual use that as a bathroom? I guess Lindsay's not the only one. Poor Dave, YET AGAIN. It's just not his day. Come to think of it, none of them are.

"Are we dead yet?" Jasmine needs a hug. Or to smash Topher through the ground. Whichever works.

Then everyone else arrives back on the and Chris is mad because nobody crossed the finish line. It's really disappointing that no one just ran up to the finish line and crossed it. It was RIGHT THERE.

Nobody's eliminated. Yay. Well except the food. Dang, I wanted to see the dinner be shot out of the cannon.

And Chris decides to separate a couple on their way to smooch city by swapping teams. Everyone thinks Max and Scarlett are a couple. That was funny. Poor Skave. I mean Scax. Whatever, they're both separated now.

This episode was pretty good and really funny. All the characters were great. Except Topher, he was boring in this episode and didn't really do much. I wish they'd kept the Skave kiss plot going on for a little bit longer, the kinda just like dropped it in the beginning. But regardless, it was an amazing episode and I loved it. I give it a 10/10.

Character Rankings For This Episode: 1. Max 2. Scarlett 3. Jasmine 4. Sugar 5. Dave 6. Sky 7. Shawn 8. Topher

Sorry if it's a bit rushed. This is my first review. I'm open to constructive criticism.

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