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    We start off with the recap where Chris tells Ella's animal friends that he shot her... Out of a cannon. That was funny, especially the animal's faces.

    Then we go to Team Kinosewak in the morning, and Jasmine and Max are still on bad terms after the last episode.

    "Was it you being shot out of the cannon for costing us the last challenge? That was MY dream."

    Jasmine and Max's conflict is interesting. And how can Max not find Scarlett in the treehouse?

    Sky daydreaming about Dave is hilarious. Dave's going to go in for a kiss. Yay.

    Sugar thinks Sky and Dave's relationship would be an alliance, so she asks Shawn if they should form "a little alliance of their own." Woah, was she flirting?! Ew, Sugar rubbed her spit all over Sky's cheek. I'm still e…

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