• Reddude

    TDWT post

    June 6, 2010 by Reddude

    I just noticed something....really weird... You all know that promo where Ezekiel is shown falling off the plane as is attempots to try and take off? Well, that may be the reason he isn't in the promo pic; because he fell off the plane (and let's not forget how "caring" Chris is.)

    Also, judging by how Duncan makes barely any appearences in the promos, he is possibly eliminated next (i predict in episode two, as ezekiel would have left in episode one).

    The rest i haven't figured out (i think). BUT i do think somewhere that Izzy will be eliminated and return (my hypothesis for her bursting out of an air duct).

    And, the final four is presumbly Alejandro, Sierra, Cody, and Heather.

    I think Heather will be eliminated for fourth place (klet's face it,…

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