I...I am shocked. Not only am I shocked, but I am furious. They heard all of our complaints and everything that we said. We sent Fresh TV all of these letters, full of ideas and complaints about Season 5, we sent them ideas via the TD Wiki, and even reached out to them through Facebook and even Twitter. They had every chance in the world to make something right, and rewrite the bad memory of TDAS. Rewrite the bland ideas and derailment from the Mal and Zoey show.

Well, it turns out, THEY DIDN'T LISTEN AT ALL! Because MIKE and ZOEY are returning!

Yeah it's true, FreshTV said this in a statement today:

"Unlike Total Drama which pitted two larger teams against each other, The Ridonculous Race will feature several two-person teams fighting it out right from the starting line to emerge victorious over the series’ 26 episodes. This lets the writers set up some really crazy combinations and double down on the drama and the laughs!"

"But of course, we couldn't have an all new series without some old friends! Six of your favorite contestants are returning to compete for the million dollar prize, and they are: Amy, Mike, Noah, Owen, Samey, and Zoey!"

We will be sure to keep you posted.

Stay Fresh! Brandon

I have absolutely nothing to say. They clearly don't care anymore, so why should I be looking forward to this? They're probably just going to make it even worse for everyone, and probably derail the new cast as well!

I'm done. I'm really not in the mood to talk about it anymore.

By the way, if you haven't guessed it yet, APRIL FOOLS!

If Mike and Zoey were actually confirmed, I would have mentioned at the start that this isn't a prank, and I would've raged a LOT!

Feel free to share this to scare everyone! XD

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