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aka Joey

  • I live in Ohio, USA
  • I was born on August 23
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
  • Red Skylight

    I know, it's weird to think about. I really like this Wiki, as well as the majority of the people in this. But think about it. In the last year or so, a lot of notable members have either left the Wiki or aren't active anymore. All of the talk pages are dead silent. Not nearly as many blogs are being posted anymore. Heck, there's only one administrator that's fully active on here now.

    I feel like we need to do something to really get things back to the way they were on here. This way, we can keep having great discussions, chats, and making new friends. Does anyone have any cool ideas that we might be able to accomplish?

    Looking forward to a bright future on here!

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  • Red Skylight

    I...I am shocked. Not only am I shocked, but I am furious. They heard all of our complaints and everything that we said. We sent Fresh TV all of these letters, full of ideas and complaints about Season 5, we sent them ideas via the TD Wiki, and even reached out to them through Facebook and even Twitter. They had every chance in the world to make something right, and rewrite the bad memory of TDAS. Rewrite the bland ideas and derailment from the Mal and Zoey show.

    Well, it turns out, THEY DIDN'T LISTEN AT ALL! Because MIKE and ZOEY are returning!

    Yeah it's true, FreshTV said this in a statement today:

    "Unlike Total Drama which pitted two larger teams against each other, The Ridonculous Race will feature several two-person teams fighting it out…

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