There are different qualities and so many similar qualities that these two have. There has been a lot of arguing about how Sky wasn't the new Zoey, and how she was. Personally, Sky is kinda like a new Zoey but here are things that they have:


  • Zoey is agile, appeared in Eat, Puke, and Be Wary, Enchanted Franken Forest, and all of Total Drama All-Stars. She is seen to do many flips and jumps and has a lot of speed. You can't say that Zoey didn't godplay a little and win Obsta-Kill Kourse, Sundae, Muddy Sundae, The Bold and the Booty-ful, and the alternate ending in The Final Wreck-ening. Personally, she was winning too many challlenges. If she'd lost one, Mal could've voted her out >:D I didn't find it fair, kinda like Laura Morett in Survivor: Blood vs Water, but Laura was much more queen than her.
  • Zoey also showed kindness, a little too much kindness. Let's see a list of her friends: 6. Six friends? Wow. Anyway, in Up, Up, and Away in My Pitiful Balloon, she pushed Scott and said her famous saying, "If that's okay with everyone." I don't think Sugar would trust her at all. Zoey did show overall kindness, and probably wouldn't get voted out.
  • Zoey was not that smart. It made me laugh at her in the six or more episodes in which she thought Mike was Mal. I laughed because she's so dumb XD. She can't tell between good and evil, let alone her boyfriend and a personality! Who would you trust, an ex-criminal or a guy with MPD? She had to use a videotape to figure it out! I mock her for that! XD
  • Now to the boyfriend. Zoey had her boyfriend Mike in Mike's last episode of TDRI. This relationship keeps on going throughout TDAS but sorta is on hiatus when Mike is Mal. Mike and Mal are similar to Amy and Sammy, being nobody could tell the difference.


Sky and Zoey both get points for niceness and agility. Sky has more wits, but Zoey has a boyfriend. Keith will probably break up with Sky because of her intertractions with Dave.

Nobody likes remakes of other characters. I guess the producers didn't want a gang of weiros and wanted an athletic one.

Plz leave opinions in the comments, also, who's better? Zoey or Sky?

Vote in the comments by

#1 I'm voting for option one!


#2 I'm voting for option two!

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