This article/section features spoilers. Continue reading at your own risk.

My Total Drama Pahkitew Island prediction:

14. Beardo: low with Leonardo

13. Jasmine: was too bossy. low with Rodney

12. Ella: was only singing during the challenge. low with Shawn

11. Leonardo: Was too wizardy. low with Sugar

10. Topher: only paying attention to himself: low with Samey

9. Shawn: was not doing the challenge. low with Dave

8. Amy: Was trying to be friends with Max instead of doing the challenge. low with Max


7. Rodney: The reward was choosing the person to go home. Was picked by Max

6. Scarlett: Max convinced Samey and Sugar to vote her: low with Sky

5. Dave: Was a threat to Max. low with Max.

4. Sugar: Quit

3. Max: Samey and Sky voted for him. low with Samey

2. Samey

1. Sky



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