So as you know...The episode No Pain, No Game is the first merged episode. Izzy and Eva return. Leshawna wins immunity. Yada-Yada...

After Eva is voted off for the second time, she mentions that Izzy wasn't living in the woods...but Izzy interupted to save herself from being hated by the others.

When Geoff is in the confessional...He votes Eva, but he also mentions that he lost his "lucky hat" and would vote for that person. Then afterwards. It is shown that there are suitcases opened and the Yeti and Bear had Geoff and Sadie's clothing.

Eva was right, Izzy wasn't hiding in the woods, but she had to, because of the RCMP. Then possibly afterwards, during challenges or elimination, could've stolen those items and given them to the animals. Sadie didn't say anything about, because all episodes afterwards she didn't have any lines until the end of Who Can You Trust?

Izzy could've been the thief of the campers clothing (which makes her even more swagilicious). So thank you for reading this blog! If I can handle hand-to-paw combat with a polarbear I can handle a bald, emotionally withdrawn cook in a halloween costume! 17:18, July 1, 2014 (UTC)

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