This is my audition for Global drama.

*shows Sierra in her room, covered with Cody pictures*Sierra: HI! HI! HI! HI! HI! I'm the biggest TOTAL DRAMA FAN EVER! HEHEHHEHEHHEE! Anyway... I know EVERYTHING about Total Drama, the contestants, and Chris himself! DId yo know that Chris uses his dog's slobber as shampoo? Yeah, it's quite fascinating. Did you know that Cody sleeps with a stuffed emu every night? Oh Cody....he's so hot! If you let me on, I'll promise that I'll kiss Cody! He he....*goes static*

Sierra: conf* I can't believe I'm finally here! It's so great to be on a plane with 15 original contestants! Well...Alejandro is new but I can learn about him too! Chris and Cody are sooooo interesting! I wonder where we're going next? Maybe Africa or India? I want to be with Cody and make sure that he never goes home!

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