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    October 14, 2015 by RedUnix

    So I'm new but not that new to tell you the truth I didn't even that you can create a profile here so now I know. My favorite person is Geoff because I like how he is always partying like it's the last day on earth. I been into total drama for a while so yeah that's what I wanted to say. I should have said this sooner but I don't really know. Hope we can be friends and party all the time.

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  • RedUnix

    Strongest Team

    October 12, 2015 by RedUnix

    You would want to make a team of three people that you know would help you get to the finale and eventually win the money prize at the end. They are people from RR.

    Mine would be MacArthur For the toughness and the way to get past any challenge with strength.

    Loki/Ennui just because he would get through all the hard challenges with the rabbit alone.

    Josee for how she would get me through all the challenges by cheating since she would be so determine do getting 1st.

    This would be my team. What's yours and why?

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