The fourth episode of Total Drama All Stars premiered tonight, and for the first time I think in like, ever, nothing ever suggested or hinted in any of the promos or anything who might be going home. I was seriously shocked when I found out who got sent home, because unlike in previous seasons, there was nothing in the episode that could suggest that Sam was the one who would get the boot.

This week, I will be adding in little captions along with the placings of how I think that specific person will get the boot so you can understand my logic a bit more. Also, I am thrilled with the writing for this season so far: they are actually using a little something called continunity, meaning that they're actually acknowledging that the previous seasons actually happened, and they're building up storylines instead of just doing typical goofy stuff.

It's probably because they've realized that most of Total Drama's fans are either adults or mature kids. Go figure.

Now, let's begin.

This Week's Loser: Sam

Sam taking the Flush of Shame this week was a real surprise. Most people saw him going all the way and winning the season much like with Lindsay until her elimination.

Now I realize that Sam was merely just elimination fodder and really had nothing going for his character this season. Maybe if Dakota had been brought back, he would have had some development.

Honestly, I thought his conflict with Alejandro in today's episode was quite hilarious and very well-written. Nonetheless, I guess Sam will be playing his video games at Playa Des Losers now (or wherever the losers go this season).

Predictions (Week 5 - Week 13)

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