Miss me? I'm sure you didn't.

I've been lurking around the Wiki, and keeping up with all of the news being confirmed for Total Drama All-Stars. I've been thinking (which is a scary thought), and finally realize what I'd like to see happen in this upcoming season. I'll give you a rundown of what I'd like to see happen in the first half of this two-part season.

The Contestants

Quite honestly, I'm thrilled with the contestants that they've confirmed on coming back. There are so many opportunites for storylines. Practically, this season can go any way they want it to, and any of the contestants can win this!

As of February 3rd, 2013, the confirmed contestants are Alejandro, Cameron, Courtney, Duncan, Gwen, Heather, Jo, Lightning, Lindsay, Mike, and Sierra. That's eleven of the confirmed fourteen contestants, and I think Sam, Dawn, and Owen will be the final three contenders. Why? Dawn and Sam are newbies, and awesome, and we can't have a season without Owen, right?

Here's what I think the teams will look like:

The Heroic Hamsters

  • Cameron
  • Lindsay
  • Mike
  • Sierra
  • Sam
  • Dawn
  • Owen

The Villainous Vultures

  • Alejandro
  • Courtney
  • Duncan
  • Gwen
  • Heather
  • Jo
  • Lightning

The Storylines

With this group of contestants, I think I can speak for everyone when I say there are plenty of storylines out in the open there! Here is what I think the storylines will look like:

  • Alejandro vs. Heather - Alejandro is back, and wants revenge against Heather for putting him into intensive care for the lava burns. However, he just can't shake the fact that he is still madly in love for Heather, creating a true dramatic and comedic love story between the two. However, about halfway through the game, Heather has her team vote off Alejandro, after everyone realizes he is taking this too far. Here, Heather turns an antagonistic role once more after realizing Alejandro was keeping her nice.
  • Heather vs. Mike - Heather learns Mike has MPD from Jo, and forms a plan to manipulate his personalities. She accidentally forms a new, twisted personality within Mike, prompting a team switch with him and Gwen. As she manipulates Mike, Heather realizes that Mike's new personality is taking over the old Mike, and attempts to stop him. After everyone notices Mike's new behavior, they realize Heather was behind it, and vote her off. Without someone to tame him, Mike goes insane with anger and power, and attempts to take over the game. In a challenge where some of the former contestants return, Zoey manages to turn Mike back into himself, with success. The two share their first kiss, and Mike continues in the contest.
  • The Gwen/Courtney/Duncan Love Triangle - This storyline is FAR from over, folks! Gwen and Duncan are happily in a relationship, but Courtney just can't move on, and wants revenge on Gwen. I say that about a couple of episodes in, Duncan cheats on Gwen with Courtney thanks to the CIT's planning, and Gwen breaks up with Duncan, sending him home. Through this, Gwen is reformed, and switches places with Mike, and goes to the heroes team. Courtney can't stand the fact that Gwen doesn't want revenge on Courtney for cheating with Duncan on her. This leads to Courtney voting herself off at the next elimination ceremony, after realizing everything she has done.
  • Lightning vs. Cameron - After realizing Cameron caused him to lose the million dollars, Lightning wants revenge on Cameron. He goes a bit insane trying to sabotage Cameron in challenges, but fails everytime. Soon, his team realizes that his insanity is affecting them, and vote him off. Cameron, on the other hand, holds no grudges, and remains oblivious to Lightning's tactics.
  • Lindsay and Mike - Lindsay returns, and admits she's forgotten who Tyler was again. After seeing Mike transform into his new personality (a jock and super sporty personality), she mistakes Mike for Tyler, and falls in love with him. Mike attempts to shake Lindsay off, and becomes frustrated as a result. After he switches teams with Gwen, Lindsay realizes her mistake, and apologizes to Tyler on camera.
  • Sam and Sierra - The two strike a friendship within the first couple of episodes, and both have their electronics taken away by Chef, prompting the two to try to steal their items back. After failing, Sierra is voted off by their team, causing Sam to continue on, while still going insane without his electronics. He is later eliminated after losing the challenge for his team, and eventually goes back to normal when he receives his electronics back.
  • Dawn and Cameron - The two strike a friendship, and act as team leaders as much of their fellow team members are more focused on themselves, other than the game. Through this, the two slowly get closer, and Cameron admits he has a crush on the moonchild. Once the merge arrives, everyone conspires to vote off Cameron, as he is a past winner. They succeed, and before Cameron leaves, Dawn admits her feelings as well, and gives Cameron a kiss.


  • 14th - Owen: He will annoy his team members with his jolly attitude and horrible body odor, and be voted off first.
  • 13th - Jo: She will attempt to take over her team to lead them to victory, but will ultimately scare her team with her constant mean attitude.
  • 12th - Sierra: She will lose the challenge for her team because she was more focused on getting her items back from Chef Hatchet, and will be voted off.
  • 11th - Lightning: His team will become annoyed with his constant plans for revenge on Cameron, and vote him off.
  • 10th - Duncan: Gwen will realize that he's been cheating on her, and ask her team members to vote him off.
  • 9th - Alejandro: Mike and Heather will scheme together to eliminate the arch villain by convincing their team members to help vote him off.
  • 8th - Courtney: She will vote herself off after realizing that Gwen doesn't hate her for being the girl Duncan cheated on with.
  • 7th - Sam: He will lose the challenge for his team after he went through withdrawl for his video games, and later be voted off.
  • 6th - Cameron: Everyone will vote him off after he had already won a season.
  • 5th - Gwen: She will realize she hates the game and what it's done to her, and vote herself off to pursue her artistic career.
  • 4th - Heather: She will be cornered after Dawn, Lindsay, and Mike realized that she was manipulating Mike, and vote her off.
  • 3rd - Dawn: She will come in last on the challenge, and will be automatically eliminated.
  • 2nd - Mike: He will come in last during the challenge, and lose to Lindsay.
  • 1st - Lindsay: She will beat Mike in the final run, and win the million dollars.


I realize that after looking this over it will probably be a 14-episode season, but I'm thinking the final three and two's challenges will be a 1-hour episode like how Cartoon Network did with the season 4 finale.

Quite honestly, either Mike or Lindsay could win this. It really doesn't matter to me, just as long as this is our final two. I hoped you all enjoyed my spin on what this season could be!


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