So, Total Drama All Stars is premiering on September 10th, huh?

Well, I figured that I would make my predictions now before all of the spoilers come flying in, and I turn out to be wrong, again.

The fourteen confirmed contestants are as followed: Alejandro, Cameron, Courtney, Duncan, Gwen, Heather, Lightning, Lindsay, Jo, Mike, Sam, Scott, and Sierra.

I believe that the two teams, from the start, will be as followed:

Heroic Hamsters - Cameron, Gwen, Lindsay, Mike, Sam, Sierra, and Zoey.

Villainous Vultures - Alejandro, Courtney, Duncan, Heather, Lightning, Jo, and Scott.

And now, my true predictions begin...

14th Place - Zoey

Zoey Countdown


I believe that going into the season, Zoey and Mike will be having some relationship issues, similiar to Trent and Gwen in season two. Throughout the first episode, they'll be maintaining their distance between each other, causing everyone to become suspicious.

Since there's talk about Mike having a new twisted, evil personality this season, I believe that it will come into play. This new personality will somehow be triggered, and while under the influence of it, I believe Mike will break up with Zoey, breaking her heart. As a result, I believe Zoey will quit the contest as she can't stand being near Mike anymore.

13th Place - Sam

Sam Countdown
Sam probably won't have much character development this season, so here's what I predict will happen: at the beginning of the season, Chris will confiscate Sam's electronics, causing him to go insane again.

During the second challenge, when Sam is supposed to be competing, I believe that he will be searching for his electronics. When his team loses, I believe that they will blame Sam as he hardly helped with whatever the challenge is supposed to be, causing him to be eliminated.

12th Place - Jo

Jo Countdown
When the Vultures lose their first challenge, I believe that by then, Alejandro will have formed an alliance with Lightning and Scott.

Alejandro will have noticed that Jo is a strong competitor, and wants her out. Thus, Alejandro's alliance would have sent Jo packing.

11th Place - Sierra

I believe that this will be the episode where Mike's evil personality will be triggered by someone on the Vultures by accident: my guess, Heather.

In order to show his true wickedness, I believe Mike would have scared his teammates into voting out Sierra.

As a result of Mike showing his true colors, I believe that he and Courtney would have switched teams.

10th Place - Duncan

With Alejandro's alliance controlling the Vultures (He, Lightning, and Scott), I believe that he would have targeted Duncan next in order to show Courtney his allegience to her.

As a result of Duncan being eliminated, Gwen will have been left heartbroken, and blame Courtney. This single act of hatred will cause the feud between Gwen and Courtney to be reignited.

9th Place - Lightning

I believe that by this point, the Vultures would be having a power struggle between four main people: Heather, Mike, Alejandro, and Scott. Lightning would have been on the outs, and knowing the creators, he would have been the next person gone.
Lightning Countdown

By this point, Heather and Mike would be working together, with Heather attempting to get Alejandro out of the picture.

8th Place - Alejandro

By the time that the next elimination would have rolled around, I believe that the Hamster's would be in full out war with Gwen and Courtney battling to lead the team. I believe Cameron would have been on Gwen's side, while Courtney would have scared Lindsay into taking her side.

Meanwhile, on the Vulture's side of things, Heather and Mike would have been running the show, with Alejandro and Scott working together. Heather, wanting Alejandro gone, would have convinced Scott to switch sides. At the vote off, I believe Alejandro will be sent packing, with Heather taking over the title role of antagonist. Or at least, she'll believe that she is, but Mike is really brewing up a dangerous storm with his new personality.

7th Place - Courtney

By the final seven, I believe that teams would be merged: the Heroic Hamsters and the Villainous Vultures would have been no more. To refresh your minds, the final seven would be: Cameron, Courtney, Gwen, Heather, Lindsay, Mike, and Scott.

By now, the feud between Courtney and Gwen has grown to it's boiling point. Everyone will have picked sides: Lindsay, Heather, and Mike would have been backing up Courtney, while Cameron would have still been backing up Gwen. Scott would have been playing both sides, and being his usual trickster self. Things would have looked like Gwen would have been going home next. But in order to keep the drama going, Mike would have switched sides at the last minute, and convinced Scott to join him.
180x180 profile tdwt courtney 01

As a result, Courtney would have been spent packing. Before she would have left of course, I believe that she and Gwen would have buried the hatchet. I mean, the writers just can't let that storyline continue on for ever and ever, right? Then again, this is Total Drama.

6th Place - Scott

After Courtney's elimination, only three true villains would have been left standing. Due to Heather and Mike's growing alliance, and the heroes banding together, Scott would have been left the odd man out.
Scott Countdown

In other words, Scott's out. Goodbye, you worthless trickster.

5th Place - Cameron

By this point, Mike would have truly been running the show on the island, and he would have been trying to make Heather believe that he was merely her pawn. Due Cameron and Mike's friendship in the previous season, I believe that when he noticed his friend's odd behavior, Cameron would have gone to try and talk his friend out of whatever weird persona he's taken up in.
Cameron Countdown

Mike would have failed to listen to Cameron, and would have decided to trick Lindsay into joining Heather and he into voting out Cameron. Needless to say, Mike's plan would have suceeded.

4th Place - Gwen

Due to Gwen being a major character development this season, it just wouldn't be fair to have her go and win it all, now wouldn't it? I mean, I'm going by the writer's book, of course (a.k.a Beth in season two).

By this point, I believe Gwen would have been sick and tired of the game. With her finally finding happiness in her boyfriend (Duncan), and finally reaching peace with her enemy (Courtney), I believe that she would just want to get the heck out of that place. So, I believe that Gwen would quit the contest in order to get as far away from Wawanakwa as possible. Either that, or Mike, Heather, and Lindsay would have voted her out. Either way, she's going home.

3rd Place - Heather

I'm sorry, but I honestly believe that Heather is not going to make it to the finals this time around. The queen bee we all love to hate just cannot make it to the finals twice in a row. By this point, Heather and Mike would be turning on each other. They each know that if they were to face Lindsay in the finals, they would beat the dumb blonde.
Heather rng

Obvious choice, right? Well, not exactly.

I believe that Mike, in a final act to prove his true wickedness, would turn completely on Heather, knocking her out of the game completely. Whatever the case, Heather isn't going to the finals. That's right folks: it's Mike versus Lindsay time.

2nd Place - Mike

I do apologize, but due to his major storyline this season, there is no way that he can win this. Here's what I believe will happen in the finals: Mike will go into it with his evil, twisted personality. The challenge will probably be a foot race or a physical challenge of some sort. Whatever the case, Mike will do anything to make sure he can win. He'll probably set some traps or something to trap Lindsay so he can win the money.
Mike Countdown

But somewhere along the line, Zoey will get trapped in one of his traps, and Mike will hear her shouting for help. This will drag Mike out of his personality, causing him to retreat from the race and save Zoey. After saving Zoey, I believe that he and Zoey will make up, and eventually get back together. However, I don't believe that the winner will turn out to be because...

1st Place - Lindsay

I honestly believe that everyone suspects Lindsay to pull out this season on top. I am one of those people, because I can honestly see this happening.

While Mike is off saving Zoey, Lindsay will be doing her best to focus on the challenge. I believe that the writers will keep the entire episode focused on Mike, while failing to show Lindsay hardly during the challenge. This will cause the viewers to believe that Mike is actually going to somehow pull out the win, but in the end, good will conquer evil, and Lindsay will cross the finish line, or do whatever it takes to win.

Really, I don't believe that the writers will make Total Drama that dark this season. They always manage to make it goofy, while staying true to the fact that it is a kids show. Mike will end the season good, showing that the final contest was really all good versus good.


So yeah, that's how I believe the season will go. Really, the three main conflicts of the season are going to be just Alejandro versus Heather, Courtney versus Gwen, and Mike versus himself. All other storylines will be just filler: I do believe that this is the season that fans have been waiting for: to tie up any loose strings in order to satisfy the fans. The rest of the seasons will probably just get back to the good ole Total Drama we all know and love.

I hope you all enjoyed my little spin of things, and thanks for taking time to view my profile.


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