After viewing the trailer for Total Drama All Stars, I have gathered my predictions for the latest season, and have decided to share them with you all once more.

Heroic Hamsters - Cameron, Courtney, Lindsay, Mike, Sam, Sierra, Zoey

Villainous Vultures - Duncan, Gwen, Heather, Jo, Lightning, Robot, Scott

15th Place - Robot

Tdas robot 174x252
Ah, the crusty, out-dated robot that has been shown over the seasons, and yet the writers are acting as though we have never seen it before. Unless you've been living underneath a rock for the past two seasons, you would know that the "Robot" is actually our dear scheming Latino, Alejandro.

But for some reason, I suspect that the writers will make it look like the contestants never found out what happened to Alejandro after the hot Latino was burned to a crisp in the season three finale. Al--excuse me, I mean, the "Robot" will be placed onto the Villainous Vultures, probably after the villains complain about having one less player than the heroes.

But when the villains realize that the "Robot" is entirely useless to them (I suspect that he will be the reason they lose the first challenge), they will vote him out first. I surely hope that the writers take this route in order to give all of the contestants some much desired screen time.

14th Place - Sam

Tdri sam 174x252
Our lovable nice gamer guy returns to the scene for his sophomore season! Why? Don't bother asking, because we're not really sure either. Sam is not qualified to be an "all-star", so of course he's only here for elimination fodder. Without Dakota, Sam has literally no plot line whatsoever.

I suspect that Sam was only placed in the season because Owen's voice actor was unavailable, and because Brian Froud always seems to be around for some reason.

Courtney will probably bully her team into voting out Sam after they lose the second challenge in order to save her own butt. Whatever the case, buh-bye Sammy old boy!

13th Place - Jo

Tdri jo 174x252
One of my favorites from Revenge of the Island is back! Jo, the girl who was obviously based off of Sue Sylvester from "Glee" is returning to the scene for yet another season.

However, I don't believe that Jo will be sticking around for awhile.  I believe that Alejandro would have returned into the game in the previous episode, and cited Jo as a threat.

One of the most popular speculations that has been going around the wiki is that Alejandro will form a guy's alliance with Lightning and Scott. They will easily take Jo out of the picture, making sure that it's a man's world after all, or at the very least, a man's team!

Also, judging by the fact that it's been widely speculated that Jo is going home in the third episode, Saving Private Leechball, I assume it's safe to say that Jo will be heading down the Flush of Shame this season pretty early. But I'm sure she'll stick around long enough for Lightning to assume she's a boy at least one more time.

12th Place - Sierra

Tdas sierra 174x252
My favorite contestant from World Tour is back as well! Personally, Sierra made the season for me in World Tour. Her obsession with Cody was hilarious, and she had so many wacky situations that the writers threw her into (marrying Cody, blowing up the plane, etc.).

In the previous episode, I believe that Courtney and Gwen will switch teams due to some bizarre coincidence. Maybe Alejandro will swindle Courtney into coming over to the dark side so they can get rid of Duncan together, or maybe Gwen will do something that will prove herself to be a hero.

Whatever the case, once Gwen switches teams with Courtney, Sierra will start going on and on about how Gwen stole Duncan away from Courtney. The heroes will become annoyed with Sierra, and vote her off. Whatever the case, the crazy girl will be exiting stage left pretty early.


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