I know that many members have wrote blogs about this reason, but I would just like to express my concerns.

Total Drama Island

In my opinon, the grand daddy of Total Drama. It featured all twenty-two campers, which I enjoyed, and it also gave me a rundown of who each camper was, and how they interacted with others. The couples were formed such as Gwen/Trent (Yeah!) Owen/Izzy (Okay) and Duncan/Courtney (Urg!). However, it was all nessecary, and I believed that this is and will probably be my favorite season of Total Drama.

Total Drama Action

It was an okay season: I loved the movie genre, and all of the challenges were excellent. It was just the lack of character devolpment that I didn't care for. They ruined Gwen/Trent in a mere four episodes, turned Courtney into a total *censor*, and had Duncan, who had way too much character devolpment as it was, win! I wish that Beth would've won, I voted for her even! Slowly, I realized that this wasn't the worst of it.

Total Drama World Tour

This ruined the show. They turned Ezekiel into a zombie (He's my favorite character), had all of the best characters voted off super early, and played favorites (Heather, Gwen, Duncan, Courtney, Alejandro)! I'm seriously thinking about boycotting the fourth season because of the way this season turned out. I wished that they would've given screen time to characters who deserved it. But instead, the producers decided to play favorites.


I hope Total Drama Revenge of the Island will be better than the last two seasons, but I'm still not holding my breath. Who knows? Maybe they'll learn about their problems, and do the right things with the new cast. Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed this blog, because normally I don't update this often.


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