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  • RandomGeoffMan

    Yoou should know

    July 24, 2011 by RandomGeoffMan

    Im just going on hoilday from 30th July to August 12th so i will not be editing for a while, if you want to talk to me on my talk page i will not be there, Im going to hoilday to italy its going to be really fun and it will be nice and hot so i can relax and have a break. You dont have to mind but just to say, if you want to join my Camp on Total drama Camp wiki (Brigettee's Nature tour) then sign up and we will be ready to get started with it!! If you see if anyone is getting into my account just tell me! I will not stand up for it!!! So see you in the meen time! Goodbye! So long Admins! See you Later! Arrivederci (Goodbye in Italian)

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