Hi everyone! I decided to celebrate two of my best friends, Trent and Glenn, getting promoted by making a song! This song is about how awesome they're gonna make TDW because they slay and they're amazing!!

Trent will make us all wigless by being Queen of the Admins and Glenn will make biased decisions in chat to keep his job safe!! Congratulations to both of you, you both deserved it for all your hard work!! <3

What's Not To Love About TD Wiki?

What's Not To Love is the first song featured on the Total Drama Wiki, sung in RBW's blog. The singers describe all of TD Wiki's best features.

Trent: What's not to love about TD wiki?
The users pump out a few more edits!
The trolls are high!
The users chat!
What's not to love about TD Wiki?

Glenn: The userboxes are brighter
The fun is funner
The edits are edit-er
The blogs are blog-er
The images and categories make every page shine!
What's not to love about TD Wiki?

RBW: The chat and the pages!
Big games where editors cash in!
It's crazy 'cause the wiki never sleeps!

Mint: Dance break!

RBW: For the love of dance, stop!

Amy, Glenn, Gogo, Mint, RBW, Trent, Wii: Proposals and a hustle-bustle!
Profile pages while the mobsters tussle!

Glenn: And chat rooms for all the chatting fans!
Aaron: Whoa, type, type, type!
Glenn: What's not to love?

RBW: What's not to love?
Amy and RBW: What's not to love?

Amy, Chewy, Geo, Glenn, Gogo, Mint, RBW, Trent, Wii: What's not to love about TD Wiiiikiiii?


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