So, first blog post on this wiki! I've seen that Hurt 'N Heals are pretty popular, so I thought I'd make one for the finalists of each season (That includes people who got to the final 3). Maybe this idea's been done but why not do it again. Note: I put Courtney as a finalist since she tied with Owen in TDA. There are only two All-Stars finalists because everyone from #10-#1 have already been finalists.

Everyone starts off with 5 points and there WILL ONLY BE A NEW ROUND AFTER 3 PEOPLE ARE ELIMINATED, instead I'll update it once a day. 

NOTE: As of right now, we have 12 people left, meaning double hurting is no longer allowed. If you double hurt, it will be counted as a normal hurt.

Total Drama Finalists, Hurt 'N Heal
Finalist Points Ranking
Owen - #19
Gwen 9 TBA
Heather 10 TBA
Beth 3 TBA
Duncan - #17
Courtney - #13
Alejandro 1 TBA
Cody 4 TBA
Cameron - #14
Lightning 3 TBA
Zoey - #15
Mike - #21
Scott - #12
Sky - #20
Shawn 6 TBA
Sugar - #22
Geoff 3 TBA
Brody - #16
Sanders 5 TBA
MacArthur 5 TBA
Jacques 6 TBA
Josee - #18

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