So I started thinking about what the total drama characters would be like when they're older, and so here are my thoughts:


When Lindsay grows older, she and Tyler move to L.A. so that Lindsay can become a movie star. When she auditions for her first movie, she's rejected because she forgot her lines. However, the director admires Lindsay's ability to coordinate a great outfit, and offers Lindsay a chance to be a fashion designer/supermodel. Lindsay immediately accepts, since fashion is her passion (see what I did there? What? Don't give me dirty wasn't that bad of a pun...), and now it would be her career. Obviously, Tyler was all for it - Lindsay's parents gave her the capital she needed to begin, and her husband supported her all the way through.

Two years later, and Lindsay starts running her clothing empire, simply called "Lindsay, by Lindsay", which later extends to cosmetics (never tested on the cute animals though!), and her own line of perfume. Lindsay, by Lindsay became a fashion trend and Lindsay became an icon in the fashion world. Unfortunately, Lindsay fell sick for a year, and Tyler had to manage the business, in which they suffered losses, but soon Lindsay was back in action and ready to bring it back.

In the seventh year of Lindsay, By Lindsay, Lindsay and Tyler established a building for the company near Beverly Hills and moved there to suit their new business location, and of course, to have a home that matches all their money.


At first, Tyler also tried to make a career for himself as a professional athelete. When all failed, and he had to resort to an office job, he was forced to take it. After only one year of the job, Lindsay, By Lindsay became an icon in the fashion world and Tyler didn't have to work. He decided to pass his time by teaching kids gymnastics, and then he got his own kid's show where he tried but messed up a lot of things. Soon, that show went downhill and Tyler was out of the job. Then, he got Lindsay pregnant with their first born and settled for being a stay-at-home father (or as he called himself, a Trophy Husband).


After Sam was voted off of Total Drama All-Stars, Dakota brought him home and her father reacted horribly to Dakota's new condition. He shelled out a large fortune to purge the radioactive toxins from Dakota's body, and soon she reverted back to her normal self. When Dakota finally had to get a job, she decided to be a celebrity. Yes, that was her job. And she got paid for it. No one even knew why she was famous, she just was. She even got her own talk show, Live With Dakota, which featured all the major celebrities; even Lindsay was on it for one episode. She inherited her father's money after he died an early, untimely death and used it to continue her father's empire, but she couldn't handle it, so she decided to hand it over to an old friend of hers...


After gaming companies like Nintendo saw Sam on Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, they offered him a job to test video games in their beta versions, and before they were released so that they could get a feel of how real gamers reacted to video games. Sam was the reason that video games came back after people stopped playing them. When Sam had enough money, he bought an expensive ring and proposed to Dakota, who accepted.


Gwen decided she had had enough boys in her life and decided to focus on her career in Art History. After getting her degree, she was discovered by a rich socialite who paid Gwen handsomely for many of her painting depicting her romantic life, her dark thoughts and of course even some paintings about Total Drama. However, after she sold a painting which showed Trent, Trent demanded royalties, and when Gwen refused to pay Trent, he filed a lawsuit against Gwen, which she lost. Penniless and alone, Gwen found a man who didn't hurt her in any way, and they got married.


Trent tried to reboot the Drama Brothers, but Harold, Cody and Justin were all doing different things with their lives, so Trent tried to become a solo musician. That wasn't easy when Harold's beatboxing career skyrocketed; beatboxing becomes huge in the future. Trent became a one-hit wonder, and tried to get back together with Gwen. After Gwen rejected him, he filed a lawsuit against her and won. With all this money, he eventually settled down with one of his old Drama Brothers fans.


With a failed love life, and being constantly humiliated on Total Drama, Courtney decided she had had enough of Total Drama. She tried to become friends with Gwen, and found out they were going to the same university. Courtney graduated with a law degree, and became a top-notch lawyer. She finally convinced Scott to move away from the farm and live with her in the city, and they lived together in their apartment happily, with Gwen and her children as family friends.


Izzy becomes a famous actress known for being able to play almost any kind of role; she's won 5 Oscars for her brilliant acting and diversity, unfortunately her career nearly came to a halt when the RCMP found old files of Izzy and tracked her down. She hired Courtney as her lawyer and won, but the negative publicity forced film companies to not cast Izzy in their movies, leading Izzy to being forgotten as an actress. Regardless, Izzy still had big load of money which she blew on chocolates and gummy worms, then disappeared, and no one really knows where she went.


Duncan refused to listen to Gwen and Courtney's warnings and did as he pleased, leading to him robbing a bank when he finally ran out of money by drinking every night and getting DUI's, and he was arrested. He tried to break out multiple times but failed,


Heather, one of the most famous people from Total Drama, lived a life of luxury since she was always surrounded by fans. She became a socialite, living off of the money that her husband Alejandro was making. Even in her socialite group, she caused a lot of drama just for fun - even then, she was the queen bee because some people never change.


Alejandro decided to follow his dreams and become a Lion Tamer. It wasn't easy, because they needed some funds to get them started. Alejandro used his multiple skills to start up his career, and soon he was earning a lot of money. He eventually married Heather, who he proposed to multiple times. Heather finally agreed when she saw how much money Alejandro had, and they had a grand wedding. However, not soon after their marriage, Alejandro wanted a divorce - he couldn't handle Heather, but his family - especially his brother - would mock him if he had a divorce. They no longer sleep in the same bed, so to speak. Alejandro regularily has affairs with several women, while Heather mainly hooks up with Duncan - that is, after he got out of jail.


Noah realized his skills were going to waste on Total Drama. When he graduated, he started up his own oil business and through skilled planning, he became the most rich oil salesman in the world. Of course, his finances faced turbulence every time there was a drop in oil prices, but he always managed to make it through, especially since his wife Emma made a good living from her job as a lawyer.


After the Ridonculous Race, Kitty loved travelling so much that she asked her brother-in-law Noah for a job where she could travel a lot, so Noah arranged for Kitty to work by meeting people in several countries to secure deals for business in their areas. Kitty loves her job, and she makes sure to take a bunch of selfies wherever she goes.

Suggestions are welcome if you guys want to see more. These are just some that I thought up.

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